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Register for Courses

Before each term, you will need to register for a new set of courses. To register, log in to your REGIS account and click on the Registration menu.

Login to REGIS

How to register

Returning students

You can register online for most courses through REGIS. Log in to your REGIS account (using your Regent Login) and look for the Registration menu.

If you’ve taken a course with us some years ago and are just returning, you can register online once you have a Regent Login. For information about how to retrieve or apply for a Regent Login, see our IT Helpdesk site.

New to Regent?

If you have applied for a program at Regent, you can register online through REGIS, using your Regent Login. If you haven't yet been formally admitted, you'll be limited in the number of courses you can take each term.

If you’ve never taken a course at Regent and have not applied for admission to a program, use the paper registration form for the appropriate semester (in the left sidebar under "Files for download").

Distance Education

Everyone with a Regent Login can register for Distance Education courses online through REGIS. If you aren't eligible for a Regent Login, use the paper to register.

Add, drop, or change a course

Do you need to drop or change a course? Fill out the Course Change Form for the appropriate semester (in the left sidebar under "Files for Download") and submit it to Reception by the appropriate deadline.

You can use this form to:

  • add, drop, or change courses
  • change the number of credit hours or credit/audit status of a course
  • drop a distance education course (to register for a distance education course, please use the Distance Education Registration Form ).

The fee for dropping a course is $10 for on-campus courses and $25 for distance education courses, per form submitted (you can drop/change several courses at the same time, using the same form and paying the fee just once).

No fee is charged for dropping an on-campus course prior to the Early Registration Deadline in Fall and Winter terms.

There is no fee for adding a course or changing the number of credits or the credit/audit status.

For a refund of a credit balance on your student account, please complete a Student Account Overpayment Form .

Please check here for course change and refund deadlines.

Register for a final project

Visit the Final Projects page to find information and forms on registering for your thesis/IPIAT or comprehensive exam. Final projects are not available for online registration at this time.

Once you have completed the project registration form and obtained your supervisor's signature, you can submit this form together with your regular course registration form (or course change form if you've already registered for courses in the same term) to Reception.

Note that final projects have special registration deadlines and refund policies.

Registration and payment deadlines

Fall Term 2014

Registration for Fall 2014 is now open!

The Early Registration Deadline is Friday, August 22, 2014. You should register by this date for any Priority Enrollment courses (such as seminars) and for Christian Thought and Culture I (INDS 501), to request your Tutorial Group.

The registration and payment deadline for Fall 2014 is Friday, September 5, 2014.

View other important dates and deadlines for refunds.
View the Schedule of Refunds.

Choose your courses before you register

You can browse all of our available courses using our advanced course search.

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General Course Information

Find out more about how to choose courses and how our courses work.

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