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Summer Tuition 2017

Beginning May 1, 2017, for-credit tuition rates are $480 per credit hour. The audit rate is $340 per audit hour.

Tuition for 2016–2017

Effective May 1, 2016, tuition rates will be: to take a course for credit, $480 per credit hour; and to audit a course, $330 per audit hour.

The total tuition for each graduate program will be as follows:

Program Total credits Cost per credit Total tuition
Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies 24 $480 $11,520
Master of Arts in Theological Studies 60 $480 $28,800
Master of Divinity 90 $480 $43,200
Master of Theology 24* $480 $11,520

* Note that 24 credits is the minimum required in the ThM program.

Fees for 2016–2017

In addition to tuition, there are student fees payable throughout your program. Some typical fees are outlined below:

Application Fee 
$60.00 $50.00 US; non-refundable 


Registration Fee  $35.00 per term Winter, Fall & Summer; non-refundable 
Student Fees (mandatory for Fall & Winter students taking 3 or more credit hours):   Fall and Winter terms only. Note that Student Fees are non-refundable after the Early Registration Deadline for each Fall and Winter term.
U-Pass Fee   $158.00
RCSA (Student Association Fee)  $45
AMS Membership Fee $94.18
Fall Retreat Fee $30
Health & Dental Plan Fee (see Sample Budget for family options) $227.04 per year (pro-rated to $151.36 for students starting in WI17) 


Late Registration Payment Fee
+ interest per month based on 8.5% per annum (interest rate subject to change)
Academic Writing Course $35.00  
Thesis Orientation $35.00  
Integrative Project in the Arts and Theology Handling Fee $70.00 for binding, etc.
Thesis/IPIAT Continuation Fee
per year
Thesis/IPIAT Extended Continuation Fee $500.00 per year
Comprehensive Exam Retake Fee
Intro Greek or Hebrew Proficiency Exam Fee  $100.00  
Program Extension Fee
per year
Graduation Application Fee
Transcripts and Official Documents
Failure to Register Course Change in Writing Fee
Graduation Certificate Replacement Fee
Dishonoured Cheques
Grade Reassessment Fee
charged if reassessment does not result in grade change
Summer Term Extension Administrative Fee
charged only if extension is approved

All amounts listed are in Canadian dollars. Charges will automatically convert to US dollars if payment is made with a US credit card. Regent College accepts cheques drawn on US bank accounts for payments of tuition and tuition-related fees. Please contact Student Services for the current rate and assistance in calculating the US dollar equivalent. 

Sample Budget

Academic expenses
Tuition (effective September 1, 2016) $480 per credit hour, $330 per audit hour
Registration fee $35 per term
U-Pass (public transportation pass; mandatory for students taking 3+ credits in Fall and Winter Terms) $158.00 per term
AMS Health & Dental Plan (extended health care; mandatory for students taking 3+ credits) $227.04 per year for student

Add spouse for additional $227.04 per year

Add spouse and one or more children for additional $454.08 per year

Note that there is a short window of time for adding people to the plan or opting out of it.
Other Student Fees (students taking 3+ credits) Approx. $170 per term
Books $85–$200 per course
Additional Fees (depending on program; e.g., thesis deposit, supervised ministry, course change, etc.) $10–$350 per term
Living Expenses
Bachelor/studio suites
1-bedroom basement/garden level suite
1-bedroom apartment
2-bedroom basement/garden level suite
2-bedroom apartment
Room in shared suite, apartment, or house
Room in house with kitchen privileges
Room and Board
Furnished/unfurnished house
Price Per Month:
$500–$900+ per month
$850–$1050+ per month
$1000–$1300+ per month
$1050–$1500+ per month
$1200–$2000+ per month
$500–$800+ per month
$400–$600+ per month
$600–$800+ per month
$2000–$3300+ per month
Utilities (electricity and gas, if not already included in the price of rent): electric: $30–$60 per month
gas: $45–$70 per month
Telephone, basic service (includes unlimited local calls, long distance extra): $45 approx. per month
Internet: $40–$60 per month
Food: $225–$275 per month for individuals
$350–$650 per month for couples & families
BC Medical Insurance: $75.00 per month for individuals
$136.00 per month for couples
$150.00 per month for family
of three or more
Car Insurance: $800–$1500 per year
Parking on campus (available at University Chapel; rates are subject to change): $120 per term
$50 per month
$15 per week
$5 per day
Study Permit (for non-Canadians): $150
Work Permit (for spouse): $255
Miscellaneous (clothing, entertainment, etc): $150 per month per person
Start-up costs: budget at least $575 extra

Please note that this budget is based on the most current information we were able to obtain, but that some rates are subject to change.

It is wise to budget more money for the first month to cover any potential unexpected costs. For example, some families end up paying for temporary accommodation, renting a car to look for permanent housing, buying furniture, etc.

The Assistant Dean of Students Office does receive some donations of furniture, household goods, and clothing to help new students set up a home. Check to see what is available when you arrive at Regent.

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