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Be Dangerous

What's Happening At Regent

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Inspirations - Oct 9-Nov 13

Jerry Whitehead gives a vivid depiction of his cultural upbringing as a First Nations artist. See his work at the Lookout Gallery.

Experience Regent - Nov 4

Interested in studying at Regent? Find out what it's like being a student for a day. Registration is open.

Redux: Freedom in the Busy - Nov 6

Join Bruce Hindmarsh, Ann Voskamp, Mark Buchanan, and Paige Gutacker to discuss how Sabbath is not just a rest from your workweek but a reorientation of your life.

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Sabbath Breaking In

Paige and Paul Gutacker share how the gift of Sabbath has opened their lives up to new and restorative rhythms. To hear more on the topic of Sabbath, join us for our Redux webcast on Nov 6 featuring Bruce Hindmarsh, Ann Voskamp, Mark Buchanan, and Paige Gutacker. Find more details here.

Be Dangerous

Come With Your Questions

Susan Phillips: Honest Prayer

Freedom in the Busy