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Distance Education

Distance Education allows you to take courses in your own environment while you continue other aspects of your calling.

Why do it?

While we believe that theology is best learned in community, and therefore have a strong residency component to all our programs, we understand that life circumstances may prevent you from completing your entire program in Vancouver. As such, we offer a limited number of distance education courses that may be the right fit for you if:

  • you'd like a taste of Regent College before committing to a program
  • you are a newly admitted student wanting a head start on your program before moving to Vancouver
  • you are unable to remain in Vancouver to complete your program
  • you desire greater flexibility in planning your program
  • you seek to develop greater language proficiency in English by being able to re-listen to lectures

How it works

The courses are recordings of actual live classes held here on campus. You hear the same faculty lectures and typically receive the same instructional materials as were given in an on-campus version of the course.

The courses are available in a variety of formats including CD, MP3, DVD, and iTunes U.

All you have to do is:

  • listen to the lectures on your audio device
  • read the material
  • connect online with your professor or tutor, and with students from all over the world
  • submit your course work electronically

Listen to a sample lecture

Course Offerings

Check our Course offerings

Delivery Method

Online cohort courses

In the cohort model, you will work through lectures and be required to participate in online forums on a week-by-week basis during the term dates (September to December / January to April / May to August). All assignments are due six months from the course start date unless otherwise indicated.


The courses below are all offered in the online cohort format.

The following courses are scheduled to be offered in Summer 2015:

  • BIBL 502 New Testament Foundations
  • BIBL 509 The Holy Spirit in Pauline Theology
  • BIBL 561/THEO 561 Letters to Colossae: Colossians, Ephesians, and Philemon
  • BIBL 594 New Testament Foundations Part I**
  • BIBL 595 New Testament Foundations Part II**
  • BIBL 596 New Testament Foundations Part III**
  • BIBL 628 Isaiah
  • HIST 501 History of Christianity I
  • INDS 638/SPIR 638 Spiritual Pilgrimage
  • SPIR 663 Soulcraft: Spiritual Formation
  • SPIR 635/THEO 635 Conversion and Transformation
  • THEO 602 Theology II
  • THEO 608 History of Christian Doctrine

New courses for Summer 2015:

  • INDS 581 Christian Faith and Practice
  • THEO 500 Theology Overview (Stackhouse)

** These three courses are equivalent to BIBL 502 but are offered in 1-credit modules in a condensed format.

The following courses are scheduled to be offered in Fall 2015:

  • APPL 522 Education and Equipping
  • APPL 560/SPIR 560 Taking Your Soul to Work
  • APPL 610 Empowering the Church for First World Re-evangelization
  • BIBL 502 New Testament Foundations
  • BIBL 543 The New Testament's Use of the Old Testament
  • BIBL 610 Genesis
  • BIBL 679 Revelation
  • HIST 501 History of Christianity I
  • HIST 502 History of Christianity II
  • INDS 563/SPIR 563 Jesus in Literature
  • INDS 578/SPIR 578 Everyday Spirituality
  • SPIR 558 The Devotional Use of the Psalms
  • SPIR 604 Jesus and Prayer
  • THEO 500 Systematic Theology Overview (Packer)

New courses for Fall 2015:

  • INDS 530 World Religions

Please see the course syllabi for further information on specific courses. Syllabi may be requested via email.

Contact Michael Ebbers with any questions.


Courses can be taken for credit or audit (no assignments). Per-credit costs are the same as for courses offered on campus. If you are only taking Distance Education courses, then only the additional non-refundable registration fee is mandatory. Visit the Financial Aid page for a full list of costs.

Tuition Discounts

There are two tuition discounts available for Distance Education courses: the 50% Distance Education Re-entry Benefit and the Parachurch 50% Tuition Benefit. Visit the Tuition Discounts page for details.


The credit limit for distance education courses within each program is generally one third of the total program credits. These limits are as follows:

GradDipCS 9 credits
MA Theo Studies 20 credits
MDiv 30 credits
ThM 6 credits

In addition, students are limited to taking six credits of the Foundational Core courses by distance education as part of their program.


If you have a Regent Login, you can register online using our student registration system, REGIS.

If you aren't eligible for a Regent Login, print off the Distance Education Registration Form and do one of the following:

  • Fax it to 604.224.3097
  • Scan and email it to
  • Mail it to Distance Education, Regent College, 5800 University Blvd, Vancouver, BC, V6T 2E4
  • Drop it off in-person at Student Services

More info

Contact us to request more information.