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Conferences & Special Events

During our conferences and special events, thoughtful speakers and members of the Christian community initiate stimulating dialogue and problem-solving for our world today.

Upcoming conferences & special events

Pastors and Leaders Conference 2017

Seek the Peace of the City: Exegeting Your Neighbourhood

May 10–12, 2017

Ray Bakke, Brenda Salter McNeil, Karen Wilk, and Eric O. Jacobsen 

Drawing richly from their experiences in urban mission and ministry, plenary speakers Ray Bakke, Brenda Salter McNeil, Karen Wilk, and Eric O. Jacobsen will inspire and equip pastors, church leaders, and the whole missional people of God to bring the eye of the exegete—one who critically interprets—to the context of the local neighbourhood.

For Goodness' Sake: Christian Identity and Business Leadership

May 26–27, 2017

Dr. James Houston and Christopher Houston

Join James and Chris Houston—father and son, scholar and management consultant—as they explore how the roots of our uniquely Christian identity and the social demands of business can equip us to participate with Christ in his reshaping of business "for goodness' sake."

Past conferences & special events

Sanctuary Workshop

Mental Health Recovery in Relationship

February 11, 2017

Dr. Sharon Smith & Terresa Augustine

How can Christian communities develop practical strategies for supporting members who struggle with mental illness? In this workshop, we will learn to use a spiritual care framework developed for individuals living with mental illness. Join us as we consider the specific needs of our own congregations and learn hands-on strategies of care, including Handling Crisis, Accompaniment, Welcoming and Hospitality, and Peer Support.

Doing Kingdom Work in the Secular Marketplace

January 20–21, 2017

Dr. Paul Stevens

What does faith have to do with my 9 to 5 job? How does what happens on Sunday impact the other six days of the week? And how can pastors and church leaders equip their people to respond faithfully and thoughtfully to the complexities of today's workplace? Find out at our 2017 Christian in the Workplace Conference, Kingdom Building in the Secular Workplace. 

Pastors and Leaders Conference 2016

Beyond the Monday Blues: Equipping People for Vocations in the Workplace

May 4-6, 2016

Ross Hastings, Paul Stevens, Paul Williams, Katherine Leary Alsdorf, Clive Lim, Uli Chi

For many Christians, "Monday Blues" is more than an unpleasant feeling. It's a deep disconnect between their Sunday church life, and Monday-Friday work life. So what's a pastor to do? How can pastors and leaders equip people in their congregations for their God-given vocation, ministry, and work in the world?

Gain the skills and confidence to help members of your congregation put the week—and their souls—back together again. Develop an integrative way of thinking about faith and work rooted in the biblical narrative. Learn from practitioners, pastors, and theologians how to help Christians live thoroughly integrated lives in the workplace, in the home, and in the church.

The Installation of Regent College's 5th President

Date: Saturday October 24, 2015 at 10:30 am

The ceremony was held at the Frederic Wood Theatre on the UBC campus, and was followed by lunch and a public symposium at Regent College.

The 2015 Pastors & Church Leaders Conference
Holy Ground: Answering God's Call to Creation Care

Date: May 5-8, 2015
Ed Brown (Lausanne Movement; pastor, author), Leah Kostamo (A Rocha Canada), Peter Harris (A Rocha International), Katharine Hayhoe (Texas Tech University), Terry LeBlanc (North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies), Jonathan Moo (Whitworth University), Loren Wilkinson (Regent College), Jonathan Wilson (Carey Theological College), and Chris Wright (Langham Partnership). 

The 2015 Regent College Pastors & Church Leaders Conference explores the biblical call to care for God's creation through theological reflection and engagement with its practical expressions. More than just a current trend, creation care goes back to Genesis, honours Christ's Lordship, and forms a vital part of Christian discipleship. This conference seeks to inspire a Christian imagination in pastors and churchgoers for earthkeeping practices that God's people can incorporate into personal and congregational life. The conference is co-sponsored by A Rocha Canada, a Christian organization which engages in scientific research, environmental education, and community-based conservation projects.

Download the audio recording

The 2014 Pastors' Conference
Transformation the Gospel Way: Cultivating Christ-like Persons of Holy Character and Faithful Ethical Action

Date: May 6-9, 2014
Mark Buchanan,
Mariam Kamell, Rikk Watts, and other special guests.
Hosted by Ross Hastings.

The gospel challenges both flaccid compliance with the majority culture of the day and joyless legalistic adherence to a prescribed standard of holiness. As pastors, we particularly need to think about how we help the church connect the gospel with holy character and responsible, ethical decision-making. During the 2014 Regent College Pastors' Conference, we want to help pastors reframe the call to discipleship so that formation and transformation become an outflow of our participation in the triune God, producing an attractive, vivid, and effective pattern of faithfulness that reflects his desire for us to be truly human persons, 'fully alive', bearers of the beauty of his holiness.

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The Justice Conference 2014: The Voice of Justice

Date: February 21-22, 2014
Location: Tenth Avenue Church, Vancouver

The Justice Conference is an annual gathering to educate, inspire, and connect a generation of men and women around a shared concern for biblical and social justice, the vulnerable and oppressed. Through a primary US conference networked to partner cities, the theme of The Voice of Justice will be explored by internationally acclaimed speakers, a variety of local humanitarian organizations, and on-location workshops. This year's impressive line-up of speakers include Dr. Bernice A. King, Lynne Hybels, and Donald Miller. 

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World Christianity Conference 2013
On the Threshold: World Christianity at Our Door

Date: July 19–20, 2013
Featured Speakers: Andrew Walls, Mark Noll, Soong-Chan Rah, Terry LeBlanc, and Ruth Padilla deBorst.
Hosted by
Diane Stinton and Jeffrey Greenman.

Join us for this conference on the changing face of World Christianity and its implications for the church, academy, and marketplace in the West. As Christianity expands in the Global South, non-Western believers interpret and appropriate Jesus Christ in their respective cultural contexts, offering new and varied perspectives for consideration by Western believers. Join renowned scholars and practitioners as they explore how these emerging perspectives and their presence in our own communities may enhance our corporate understanding and expression of faith. We will also consider the implications of these trends for our own theological and spiritual formation, for our church communities, and for our witness to Christ both locally and globally.

Download the audio recording

The 2013 Pastors' Conference
Restoring the Centre: The Place of the Table in the Church

Date: May 7–10, 2013
Hans Boersma, Alan Torrance, and other special guests.
Hosted by Ross Hastings.

This conference aims to encourage pastors, irrespective of their views on the meaning of the bread and cup, to consider the centrality of the Eucharist and to explore ways to pursue its practice pervasively in conjunction with the preaching of the Word.

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The Next Great Challenge: Thinking Together about Aging

Date: May 18–19, 2012
Featured speakers: Margaret Somerville, Maxine Hancock, J.I. Packer, Jim Houston

More people are living longer today than in any other time in history. Seniors are the fastest-growing age group in North America. Yet neither church nor culture seems adequately prepared to face the needs, the costs, and the moral consequences of this "grey tsunami." Join one of Canada's leading public intellectuals and three of Regent's own gifted and beloved scholars as they think about the implications and the opportunities that this next great challenge offers us.

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Pastors' Conference 2012
overflowspiritual rhythms and practices that draw from christ's fullness

Date: May 1–4, 2012
Featured speakers: Bruce Hindmarsh, Darrell Johnson, and Susan Phillips. Hosted by Ross Hastings

For so many pastors in our media-saturated and frenetic culture, "running on empty" seems like the inescapable norm. The demands to produce fresh sermons week after week, to equip and to lead in visionary ways, to counsel wisely, and endless other responsibilities reduce us to a spotty spirituality and to sporadic fullness at best. This conference will help pastors gain new or renewed awareness of rhythms and practices that can maintain spiritual, emotional, and bodily health, especially when practised in the way of the gospel and grace, in union with Christ, and by contemplation of Christ.

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Heaven on Earth? The Future of Spiritual Interpretation

Date: September 16–17, 2011
Featured speakers: Brian E. Daley, SJ and Kevin V. Vanhoozer

This conference, hosted by Regent College in cooperation with the Center for Catholic-Evangelical Dialogue (CCED), brought together numerous renowned Catholic and evangelical scholars to ask the question: what are the implications if we read the historical, earthly text in the light of spiritual or heavenly realities?

Download the audio recording

Leading with the Leader: Community, Character and Charisms (Pastors' Conference 2011)

Date: May 3-6, 2011
Speaker(s): David Taylor, Paul Williams, Rod Wilson and Ross Hastings

This conference presented the liberating understanding of leadership as participation in the life of the missional triune God, living out our union with Christ and his work in the world. While challenging the pastor to live contemplatively towards God and in participation with his life and love, this understanding also invites the pastor into community with other leaders, and the body of Christ of which he or she is a part.

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