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Students With Disabilities

Academically qualified students who have physical, sensory, or other learning disabilities are encouraged to apply for admission to Regent College.

Through an agreement with the University of British Columbia’s Disability Services, we offer a range of services to accommodate the needs of students with disabilities.

If you require special assistance or accommodation in order to take courses, please meet with the Academic Advisor as soon as possible to allow arrangements to be made. Regent makes every effort, within our means, to accommodate those with documented disabilities.

You may also contact Access and Diversity at the University of British Columbia for a description of services available and to find out how to access to them.

The College’s building is fully accessible to students in wheelchairs.

Disability Services

Address: Room 1203–1874 East Mall, Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z1
Phone: 604.822.5844
Fax: 604.822.6655