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Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies

Gain a foundation in the Christian faith, and find out why theological education is important for the whole body of Christ, not just those working for churches or parachurch organizations.

Special note

The name of this program was changed on January 26, 2013 to Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies (GradDipCS) from Diploma in Christian Studies (DipCS). 

The Program Is

  • flexible: allows you to study at your own pace and choose 50% of your courses based on your personal interests 
  • convenient: the perfect opportunity to study theology without the rigor of a major paper or project 
  • transferable: all your credits can be transferred to either the MA in Theological Studies (formerly MCS) or the MDiv programs

Typical Students

  • are taking sabbatical leave to reflect on their vocation or ministry
  • want to deepen their understanding of their faith, but do not require a master’s level credential for their vocational work
  • want to study theology but are unsure about taking on a full master’s degree

Seventy-five per cent of GradDipCS students go on to complete a master’s degree at Regent. The other 25% return to their vocations newly invigorated, or pursue new vocational directions.

Credit Hours


Typical Completion Time

  • minimum 1 year full-time
  • unlimited if studying part-time in conjunction with other activities

Application Requirements

To apply to the program, you must EITHER:

  • have a bachelor’s degree OR
  • be at least 28 years of age and able to demonstrate that your life/ vocational/ educational experience can be seen as equivalent to a university degree


Concentrations are not part of the GradDipCS program.

Program Costs

The tuition for the 2014–2015 academic year is $460 per credit hour.

The total tuition for the GradDipCS program is $11,040 (24 credit hours at $460 per credit hour).

For a breakdown of associated fees and costs of living, view our sample budget.

To help you offset the high costs of graduate education, we offer scholarships, financial aid, and work opportunities on campus.

Program Requirements

The GradDipCS is built on the following curriculum:

  • a series of core courses that focus on theological integration and personal formation
  • electives that allow you to align your courses with your personal interests

In order to graduate from the program, you must successfully complete 24 credit hours of study with a grade point average of 2.7 (B-) or higher. The requirements of the GradDipCS program are as follows:

Required Foundations Credit Hours
Old Testament Foundations (BIBL 501) 3
New Testament Foundations (BIBL 502) 3
Christian Thought & Culture I (INDS 501)
Christian Thought & Culture II (INDS 502)
The Christian Mind (INDS 510)  
Theology of Culture (INDS 515/THEO 515)  
Christian Faith & Practice in a (Post)Modern World (INDS 581)  
Marketplace Theology (APPL 575/INDS 575)  

More details are available on our Program Requirements and Policies page.

Notes on the Requirements

*Choosing your courses:
Old Testament Foundations BIBL 501, New Testament Foundations BIBL 502, and Christian Thought & Culture I INDS 501 and II INDS 502 are all part of the foundational core for the Master of Arts in Theological Studies (formely the Master of Christian Studies) and the Master of Divinity (MDiv) programs. If you're anticipating using the GradDipCS to go on to a master’s program at Regent, you should take Christian Thought and Culture I & II (INDS 501 & INDS 502) as part of your GradDipCS requirements, since these two courses are required in the MA Theo Studies and MDiv programs. We also recommend that you select your electives carefully in light of the requirements of the master's degree you might be considering.

Distance Education Component

When completing the GradDipCS degree, you can take up to 9 credits of courses through Distance Education.

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Get a taste from the core of the master’s degree programs and become familiar with an overall biblical perspective. This will serve as a foundation for your other courses.

Concentrations are not part of the GradDipCS program.

You must have a bachelor’s degree 


be at least 28 years of age and able to demonstrate how your life / vocational / educational experience can be seen as equivalent to a university degree.

You can take up to 9 credits through Distance Education.