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Alister McGrath

Teaching Fellow, Theology; Head of the Centre for Theology, Religion and Culture, King’s College London
BA, BA, BD, MA, DD, DPhil (Oxford)
Alister McGrath is a former atheist who discovered the Christian faith while at Oxford, and is a major voice in the controversy with the New Atheism. He is currently Professor of Theology, Ministry, and Education and is Head of the Centre for Theology, Religion and Culture at King’s College London. He has also served as Professor of Historical Theology at the University of Oxford, Principal of Wycliffe Hall in Oxford, and Research Professor of Theology at Regent College. Dr. McGrath was ordained as an Anglican minister and has served as a theological consultant to the House of Bishops. He is in constant demand as a speaker at conferences throughout the world, especially in Southeast Asia. He is author of the bestselling Christian Theology: An Introduction (Blackwell), now in its fourth edition.

Areas of expertise

  • Interaction of Science and Religion
  • "New Atheism" and its Significance for Christian Apologetics
  • Renewal of Natural Theology and its Relevance for Christian Apologetics
  • Theology of Ministry

Media & Publications

  • Intellectuals Don't Need God and Other Modern Myths: Building Bridges to Faith Through Apologetics Book Publication
  • The Passionate Intellect: Christian Faith and the Discipleship of the Mind Book Publication
  • Heresy: A History of Defending the Truth Book Publication
  • Science and Religion: A New Introduction Book Publication
  • Christianity's Dangerous Idea Book Publication
  • The Dawkins Delusion?: Atheist Fundamentalism and the Denial of the Divine Book Publication
  • A Fine-Tuned Universe: The Quest for God in Science and Theology Book Publication