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Part-Time and Visiting

Anthony Brown

Director of Education, Forge Missional Training Network; Director, Lindisfarne Community
ON, MA (Oxford University), MCS (Regent College)
Anthony Brown has extensive pastoral experience, especially working alongside congregations with issues of visioning, transition, and identifying their missional direction. He presently works with Forge Missional Training Network to prepare pastors and emerging leaders to lead missional churches. Since graduating from Regent, Anthony Brown has continued his involvement by giving lectures, leading seminars, and serving as the Pastoral Tutor for the Supervised Ministry program. Prior to his current work, he served as a pastor, an evangelist, and the director of a non-profit organization, offering help with issues of vision and mission to local churches in the UK and Canada. He lives in Vancouver with his wife and son.

Areas of expertise

  • Ecclesiology
  • Missiology
  • Church Leadership