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Scholarships and Financial Aid

YOU DID IT! Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have raised all the funds we need for this year's scholarships and bursaries. If you still wish to give to support our students, please consider a donation to the Annual Fund in support of Student Life, the Library, or Teaching. Every year, donors supply over one-third of Regent's funding, so every gift helps us keep tuition low to make a Regent education as accessible as possible.

When one student grows, hundreds of lives are touched.

Every student who studies at Regent will take the fruit of their experience with them wherever they serve next. By helping one student, hundreds, even thousands, of others ultimately benefit.

Donors to Scholarships and Financial Aid directly empower this ripple effect. Every year, the College awards scholarships and bursaries to dozens of students who could not otherwise afford to come.

Dan is one such student. His congregation is already seeing changes wrought by his scholarship-supported study here:


When a leader changes, everything changes, for better or worse. After taking Intro Greek I and II, new life has already been breathed into my personal study, and this has translated into a deeper, more joy-filled presentation of the Gospel in my ministry.

But more than this, our congregation is witnessing a transformation in my whole public deportment, characterized by a poise, a relaxed confidence that is all new and all because of what is happening in my inner life, and this is due in no small measure to my amazing experience at Regent College this summer. Thank you for this scholarship.

Dan Dakin, Pastor, Vernon, BC

Will you give so that more students like Dan can go on to bless others?


Did you know that over one year, a monthly gift of $20 from half of Regent's graduates would fund our entire Student Aid budget?

Please consider monthly support for Scholarships and Financial Aid. Just select "monthly donation" when entering your online gift.


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