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Financial Aid for Students

Last year, donors to Student Aid funded 111 credit-hours. That's the equivalent of one entire course for 37 students. 

Students like Abigail, who has discovered the holistic impact of learning here:

I came to Regent to explore what it means to love the Lord with all my mind, and truthfully harboured pride about my academic ambitions in coming here. I found, however, that both God and Regent were interested in integrating my whole being into my studies…my heart, my soul, and my strength, and with that came a heavy dose of humility. I’ve found there’s no better place to be challenged in this way than in the supportive and sharpening community I’ve discovered along the way.

Imagine 37 more students like that: changed not only in how they think, but in their very character, going forth to serve Jesus Christ, His church, and His world!

For this year, we're seeking $50,000 in donations towards the general student aid fund, which allows the College to award aid to dozens of students who might not otherwise be able to afford to attend. You can make it possible for more students like Abigail to come to Regent and be shaped as intelligent, vigorous, and joyful voices in the church, the home, the academy, and the marketplace, joining over 17,000 Regent College alumni around the world.

Will you give to the student aid fund so that students like Abigail can go on to bless others?