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Financial Aid For Students


This year, donors to Student Aid funded 111 credit-hours. That's the equivalent of one entire course for 37 students. Students like Cleison, whose conviction that God wants him at Regent College runs so deep:

If I hadn't had the opportunity to come to Regent, I would think about coming every day. I would feel incomplete, like there was a huge emptiness in my heart knowing that I wanted to be here. I believe when you are outside of God's will, you're not actually living—you're just waiting for the chance to live. Now I'm not waiting for this chance anymore. I've been living.

Think of 37 students like that, able to obey their sense of God's calling because of the generosity of our donors. Thanks to those who gave, making it possible for more students to study at Regent College this year.

As our new fiscal year begins, we welcome new donations to the Student Aid Fund to enable more students to obey their calling. Stay tuned for further updates as the year progresses!

Will you give to the student aid fund so that students like Cleison can go on to bless others?