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The Passing of Dr. Clark Pinnock

August 18, 2010

We are sad to learn of the passing of Canadian theologian Clark Pinnock. Dr. Pinnock was associate professor of systematic and Christian theology from 1974 to 1977 at Regent College and a frequent teacher during our summer term.

This email message was received from Dr. Pinnock on August 6:

"I want to inform you that I am now in middle stage Alzheimer's. I will not be able to do my writing etc. I am 73 years now, and I've enjoyed my biblical three score and ten. I am not bitter. I have had a good life. I'll meet you over Jordan if not before. You are free to make this news known."

For more on the life and teachings of Dr. Pinnock please read this article by Christianity Todayand this blog post by James K. A. Smith.