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Registrar's Office

The Registrar’s office is here to serve you during your studies at Regent College. We provide academic and program advice, help you to register for courses, maintain your academic record, process financial aid, and ensure you meet all program requirements for graduation.

Registrar’s Office personnel

Contact us by phone 1.800.663.8664 or 604.224.3245, or at the email addresses below.

Ann Zlindra: Assistant Registrar / Academic Advisor


  • Provides academic advising
  • Evaluates and grants course exemptions
  • Provides registration verification and program completion letters 
  • Records, audits, and tracks applications for graduation
  • Evaluates course extension requests

Sarah Clarke: Student Services Receptionist


  • Directs all inquiries within Student Services
  • Manages room bookings

Greg Cowley: Registrar


  • Evaluates and grants transfer credits 
  • Administers student appeals to the Academic Standards Committee

Jeannie Shim: Records Officer


  • Processes official and unofficial transcript requests
  • Administers course evaluations
  • Monitors the progress of IPIATs and theses and arranges for proofreading, binding, and microfilming
  • Organizes and administers Comprehensive Exams

Marsha Parkin: Financial Aid/Student Accounts OFFICER


  • Receives student account payments and requests for student account refunds
  • Handles enquiries concerning student accounts
  • Provides resource information and processes applications for financial aid (student loans, scholarships, bursaries, endowments)

Tracy Russell: Registration Assistant


  • Answers general registration inquiries
  • Provides class lists and grade rosters to professors and TAs
  • Processes student lists for U-Pass and UBC Library access