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APPL 573

Vocation, Work, and Ministry

This course is also offered as INDS 573 and SPIR 573

Takes place on March 10-12, 2017, at Westminster Abbey in Mission, BC.

This course aims to help students answer two fundamental questions about themselves:

Who am I?

What should I do with my life?

Combining biblical exposition, theology, cultural analysis, self assessment tools, personal counseling, a prayer retreat, and discussion groups, the course is a reflective experience in discernment concerning the way you have been made and the path to which the Creator and Shepherd of your life is leading.

While some of the application will concern finding or remaining in suitable employed work, the emphasis will be larger and deeper than finding the right job. In today’s world most people are in fairly continuous vocational transition. But the approach of the course will be to take the largest understanding of calling or vocation: the invitation of God to live and work wholeheartedly and fruitfully before Him.

Vocational consultant Gray Poehnell will attempt to meet with all credit students for a personal interview following the weekend.

There will be a balance of teaching, small group interaction, and guided personal solitude. Handouts, inventories, and work sheets will be provided.  An optional vocational psychological assessment and interpretive interview is also available.

Credit Hours:
1 - 2
There are no prerequisites for this course.

Additional Info

  • This course is offered over one weekend in the prayerful environment of Westminster Abbey, a Benedictine monastery which is two hours from Vancouver. The conference/course starts Friday evening at 8:00 p.m. and ends on Sunday after dinner at 1:00 p.m. Each participant has a private room with an ensuite bath. Linens are provided, as are meals. There are 22 rooms available. There are, however a limited number of double rooms for married couples, so spouses may additionally register. Transportation is arranged from the participants who have cars and are able to share rides. 
  • The cost of staying at the Abbey is in addition to any course fees (credit or audit) which may be paid. See Registration Form at the end of this syllabus.
  • Conference cost: $160 (for all participants). This must be paid as a cheque written to “Westminster Abbey” or cash and placed in an envelope, along with the attached registration form, and mailed or dropped off at Regent Reception. 

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