THEO 500

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In the postmodern age that is marked by a suspicion of truth, it is all the more important for Christians to be rooted in the essential teachings of the Christian faith. Designed for those who wish to deepen their faith and understanding, this course provides a systematic survey of the Christian doctrine as set forth in the Bible and formulated by the Church. Together, we will not only investigate the biblical foundation and historical context of such theological truths, but also discuss and reflect on their contemporary implications and significance. This course is suitable for Diploma and MA students who are required to take three credits in theology; it is also ideal for Christians who have no formal theological training but wish to take an introductory course in theology on a part-time basis in order to serve more effectively in the church and to witness Christ more effectively in all walks of life.

Dates May 13–May 24
Days & Times Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri
Format Onsite/Online
Credit Hours 3
Audit Hours 2



Yonghua Ge

Director of Mandarin Theology Program; Associate Professor of Theology

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There are no prerequisites for this course.

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