Introductory Old Testament Hebrew II

Jun 7–Jun 25 8:30AM–1:00PM
LANG 511 3 Credits (3 Audit)

Course Description

Welcome to this course on Biblical Hebrew. I am thrilled that you have decided to continue your study of Hebrew. Our primary focus this term will be the Hebrew verb system with an emphasis on the various forms of the Hebrew verb (morphology). At the same time, we will continue to build our vocabulary base and expand our capacity to translate biblical texts. To accomplish this task we will work through the second half of Ross’ Introducing Biblical Hebrew, and Jonah, with supplemental exercises from Clemens, Supplementary Exercises.

Live Online: This course is being offered online with live class sessions in Summer 2021. You must participate in the live sessions in order to take this class. Recordings of the class sessions will not be made available.

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LANG 510: Introductory Old Testament Hebrew I