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Fall 2020:

Welcome to this course on Biblical Hebrew. I’m thrilled that you’ve decided to take up the challenge. Hebrew is a rich and rewarding language to study (and with it, you will gain access to around 78% of the Bible). It will require hard work and effort, but the challenge is worth it. Language study can be intimidating but, with appropriate time invested, it is eminently doable.  Many have done it before you and many will do it after you. I hope you feel supported and encouraged along the way. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  Be disciplined in your study habits; cramming seldom works in language study.  Keep on top of your assignments and you’ll get the most out of this course.

This course is part one of a two-part study of biblical Hebrew. We’ll work through approximately half of Ross’ Introducing Biblical Hebrew, laying the foundations for part two next term.

Summer 2020: 

Learn the basic morphology, syntax, and vocabulary of biblical Hebrew, laying the foundations for a lifetime of reading the original text of the Old Testament. Techniques will first involve reading and writing, and then listening, speaking, and acting. Deepen your connections to the language to sustain both long-term retention and fluency of reading.   

Live only: This course will be delivered through a live digital classroom only. You must view and participate in the class in real time. Classes will not be recorded.

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Maximum Enrollment: 25 students.

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