Loving to Know: A Workshop in Covenant Epistemology

May 31–Jun 4 8:30AM–11:30AM
INDS 509 1–2 Credits (1 Audit)

Course Description

Develop a vibrant vision of knowledge and reality that reaches into all of life. Covenant epistemology, a new approach to knowledge, is modeled on the transformative, epiphanic, and redemptive encounter with Christ. It resists Western culture’s disengagement, disenchantment, and dehumanization, overcoming the dualisms that thwart our life and work: reason and faith, fact and value, theory and application, and science and art. This fresh approach resonates with Scripture and restores delight and adventure to the process of knowing. Learn how we can recover our humanness, unleash our worship and witness, and bring cultural healing.

Live Online and Recorded: This course is being offered online with live class sessions in Summer 2021. If you are not able to attend the live online classes because of time zone differences, be aware that recordings of each class will also be made available on the course Moodle site until Midnight PDT on the second Saturday after the course. 

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There are no prerequisites for this course.