BIBL 571/INDS 571

Silent No More: Women Interpreters of the Bible

This course is also offered as INDS 571

Course Description

Through the centuries, women—nuns, mothers, mystics, preachers, teachers, suffragists, and household managers—interpreted Scripture through their writings, art, and music. Their forgotten or neglected interpretations of the Bible deserve our attention. Examine how women have read and interpreted the Bible, beginning with the period of the early church. Encounter the writings of medieval visionaries, Renaissance exegetes, and both early modern and modern women. Explore these writings, focusing on women’s interpretations of Genesis 1–3 and Pauline texts, and consider their implications for faithful interpretation today.

Dates May 15–May 19
Days & Times Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri
Format Onsite/Online
Credit Hours 1–2
Audit Hours 1



Marion Taylor

Professor of Old Testament

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There are no prerequisites for this course

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