2022 Regent Summer Programs


Seminar: Providence: Understanding God's Ways in the World

Jul 11–Jul 15 8:30AM–4:30PM APPL 712/THEO 712 3 Credits (No audit available)

Delve more deeply into the living reality of the God who provides. Develop your research and engagement skills in this discussion-based seminar by presenting a primary source report and either a research essay or an applied project on our course theme. In this rich opportunity for mutual support and constructive conversation, you'll learn from your colleagues as they learn from you.

Please note that this course is available in two formats. Students wishing to enroll in a 1-2 credit lecture-based course should register for APPL/THEO 612. Those who wish to take the full 3-credit course—which includes an afternoon seminar in addition to the morning lecture—should register in APPL/THEO 712.

In-Person & Online: This course is being offered in-person at Regent College and online for Summer Programs 2022. Students may choose to take this course in-person or online when registering for the course through REGIS. Recordings of this course will not be made and attendance is required at all sessions. Note that in person space may be limited. 



There are no prerequisites for this course.


All prices in Canadian Dollars

1 credit hour $505 • 2 credit hours $1010 • 3 credit hours $1515

1 audit hour $375 • 2 audit hours $750 • 3 audit hours $1125