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The Deep Roots Wide Reach Campaign is an investment in the future flourishing of Regent College and its mission. It encompasses over a dozen projects designed to sustain and enhance Regent's life and ministry. What unites them all is the generosity of donors who know Regent’s history, love Regent’s work, and are excited about Regent’s future.

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Current Project

Caring for Place

Regent's building is a wonderful place. It's a place for learning and sharing life together. It's a place where lives are changed. It's also a place that needs work. Our building needs some key upgrades and upkeep to continue meeting the Regent community's needs. Would you help care for this place?

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The Campaign at Work

The following are just some of the campaign projects that have been fully or partially funded. From new faculty positions and refreshed degree programs to increased student assistance and accessible new resources, these projects are helping Regent dig deeper into God’s calling for us while reaching out to the global church.


One of the top priorities of this campaign is to make Regent more affordable by providing more financial aid. We're thrilled to be investing in the accessibility of a Regent education for students like the ones you'll meet in this video.

Spotlight on New Scholarships

Digital Reach

David Paul at work in the chapel

Christians around the world are hungry for the kind of thoughtful, engaging theological resources that Regent produces. We're upgrading our website and our internet connection so we can make more great resources available to the Regent community and the global church.

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Photo of David Robinson and Paul Stevens

In May 2022, Dr. David Robinson became Regent's inaugural Stevens Chair. This new faculty position, funded in perpetuity by a generous endowment gift, embodies Regent’s commitment to equipping lay people for thoughtful, theologically engaged service in every area of society.

Meet Dr. David Robinson


David Paul at work in the chapel

Regent's Master of Arts in Leadership, Theology & Society is an innovative degree program that's transforming students' minds, lives, and work. An endowment gift to the campaign is helping to secure this program's long-term future.

Reflections from MALTS Grads



Photo of Mark Glanville Teaching

Thanks to a generous legacy gift that funded this new position, Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology Dr. Mark Glanville joined Regent's faculty in 2020. Mark is committed to serving MDiv and other pastoral students, as well as pastors and churches.

Meet Dr. Mark Glanville


Photo of the Regent College MDiv Team

Dr. Mark Glanville and Regent’s new Pastoral Formation Team are working to refresh and strengthen Regent’s MDiv program with a focus on cultivating the spiritual health and formation of students and pastors.

About the MDiv Refresh