Martyrs, Monks, and Mystics: Italy from Early Church to Renaissance.

This course will be held in Italy


Beginning in ancient Rome and ending in Renaissance Florence, this course will trace the development of Christian life through the centuries. 

Behold the spectacular catacombs in Rome and learn the city’s long history. Marvel at the hilltop basilica of St. Francis in Assisi. Join pilgrims of the ages as we walk the medieval Via Francigena route through beautiful Tuscany. Pause in holy wonder at the cell of St. Catherine of Siena. Spend a timeless day in a sacred retreat. Catch a glimpse of the Florentine world of Dante, and learn how his words and wisdom shaped our faith imagination. 

Through art and architecture we will witness the transformation of Christianity from a persecuted sect to the centrepiece of high medieval civilization. In community we ask: what can we learn for our age?

Registration for this event will open on Wednesday, February 20, 2019 at 10:00 am (PST).

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Registration Details

Plan 1
Plan 2
Regent College Fee $385* $530 **
Christian Journeys Fee
$5,454 (Land only) $5,454 (Land only)
$1,585 (Group air) $1,585 (Group air)
TOTAL $7,424 $7,569

* $350 (1 Audit Hour) + $35 Registration fee 
** $495 + $35 Registration fee.
Add $495 for each additional credit hour: $1,025 for 2 credit hours; $1,520 for 3 credit hours


$35 Regent Registration Fee 
All trip participants must pay this fee.

$350 Regent Audit Fee(1 audit hour)
Pay this if you are NOT taking the course for Regent College credit. There will be no course assignments.

$495 Regent Credit Fee (1 credit hour)
Credits count toward a degree and include course assignments. There are additional readings and assignments for each additional credit hour. For additional credits add $495 per credit hour, up to a maximum of 3 credits, as follows:

  • $1,025 for 2 credit hours
  • $1,520 for 3 credit hours

$5454 Christian Journeys Land Fee
Pay ONLY the land cost, if you wish to make your own air travel plans. Covers all itinerary items for land experiences and entrances within Italy.

$1585 Christian Journeys Group Air Fee 
Land and air may be booked together. Flights are from Vancouver. Other departures available.

How to Register

IMPORTANT: Martyrs, Monks, and Mystics is both a course with Regent College and a journey booked through Christian Journeys. So registration must be completed with BOTH organizations in order to ensure a spot in the course. Failure to complete both registration forms and payment will result in being dropped from the course.

STEP 1: Create an Account to Register with Regent

Each registrant will need a login (username and password) to access REGIS, Regent College's online registration website. 

If you already have a Regent login, test your username and password to ensure you can access REGIS. 

  • If you have a username but have forgotten your password, please select the blue "reset your password" link. 
  • Instructions will be e-mailed to the e-mail address used to create the account.

Please note: Every registrant needs a personal REGIS login, even if sharing a registration form.

STEP 2: Register with Regent College

Registration opens on February 20 at 12 pm (PST).

Go to

  • Select Register for 2019SUR,
  • Click on the dropdown box labeled Register or Add,
  • Check the boxes and click Continue
  • Click on HIST.535 or SPIR.535, then follow the simple registration steps.

There are two options for this Regent course registration: audit or credit. Both options include a $35 course registration fee, which is included in the prices below:

  • Audit Option (1 audit hour): $385
  • Credit Option (1, 2, or 3 credit hours):
    • 1 credit: $530
    • 2 credits: $1,025
    • 3 credits: $1,520

You will be prompted to pay a $80 deposit when you enrol. Complete this payment online in order to confirm your registration. The remainder of your tuition ($305 for audit; $450 for 1 credit; $945 for 2 credits; $1,440 for 3 credits) must be paid in one of the following ways:

  • Credit card over the phone (604-224-3245 or toll-free at 1-800-663-8664)
  • Mailing a cheque
  • Canadian money order
  • Western Union
  • GlobalPay
  • PayMyTuition
  • Interac Online with participating Canadian banks (TD Canada, BMO, RBC, and Scotiabank)

Once you have completed your Regent registration, you will be placed on a pending list (noted as “waitlist” on your registration verification) until the registration and deposit for Christian Journeys have been processed.

If you would like more information about the credit option before signing up (e.g., course requirements), please email Ben Nelson at and ask for a copy of the course syllabus.

STEP 3: Registration with Christian Journeys

Your registration is incomplete until you have also completed your registration with our selected travel agency, Christian Journeys.

  • You will be on the Pending list after registering with Regent College. This means that we are waiting for your Christian Journeys registration to be completed.
  • Once you are on the Pending list, we will send you the Christian Journeys registration form.
  • You will fill out the Christian Journeys travel registration form and pay a $400 journey deposit.
  • You can email the form with the deposit (credit card payment) directly to Christian Journeys.

Once both stages of registration are complete, we will confirm your full acceptance on this journey. Space is limited, so please complete both stages of registration promptly.


  • This course and journey has limited enrolment of 28 students.
  • $80 of your Regent College payment is non-refundable should you choose to cancel.
  • Refund details and deadlines are as follow:
    • This course has special payment and refund deadlines. Full tuition payment to Regent and a $400 deposit to Christian Journeys are due at the time of registration to ensure your spot in the course.
    • The $400 deposit to Christian Journeys is non-refundable after March 19 (90 days prior to departure). The payment deadline for all remaining fees is April 18 (60 days prior to departure).
    • April 18 is the 100% refund deadline for Regent tuition payment, less the $80 non-refundable deposit.
    • The 50% course refund deadline for Regent College tuition is May 17. There will be no refund after the May 17 deadline, but the course may be dropped or changed to audit without refund until June 28.
    • No Regent College tuition discounts are available for travel courses.
    • Please note that if you need assistance with dropping or changing your registration, the Regent College offices close at 4:30 pm (PST).
  • Please see the Journey Brochure for details on refund policies regarding tour fees. If you have any questions, please contact Christian Journeys directly about their refund and payment deadlines and policies.

Contact us at for more information.

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There are no prerequisites for this course.

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