Timetable 2016

Our 2016 Summer Programs timetable will be updated through November, so continue to watch this space or sign-up to receive updates.

Registration for classes opens February 24, 2016.

Spring Session

Weeks 1 & 2: MAY 9–20, 2016

May 9–20 Old Testament Foundations BIBL 501 Iain Provan
May 9–20 1 & 2 Kings BIBL Iain Provan
May 9–20 History of Christianity: Foundations HIST 501 Sarah Williams
May 9–20 Anglican History and Theology HIST/THEO JI Packer
May 9–20 Jesus at the Movies INDS Iwan Russell-Jones with Gerry Schoberg

Weeks 3, 4 & 5: MAY 23–JUNE 10, 2016

May 23–27 Christianity and the Political Economy of Capitalism (all-day) INDS Paul Williams
May 23–27 Theology I (all-day) THEO 601 Archie Spencer
May 23-June 3 New Testament Foundations BIBL 502 Rikk Watts
May 23-June 3 Romans BIBL Doug Moo
May 30-June 3 Forced Migration and Gospel Hope INDS
Diane Stinton and Laurel Borisenko
May 30-June 10 Church and State in the Modern World HIST
Sarah Williams
June 6-10 The Meaning of the Sacraments SPIR/THEO
Gordon Smith
June 6-10 Transformation the Gospel Way: A Study in Philippians BIBL Ross Hastings

Summer Session

Weeks 1, 2 & 3: JUNE 27–JULY 15, 2016

June 27–July 1 Teaching and Preaching Christ from the Old Testament APPL/BIBL Phil Ryken
June 27–July 1
How Do I Help a Hurting Friend? APPL Rod Wilson
June 27–July 1
Cultural Discipleship in a Secular Age INDS Richard Mouw/Clay Cooke
June 27–July 8
Contemplative Listening: The Foundation of Spiritual Friendship and Direction SPIR Susan Phillips
July 4-8
The Parables of Jesus APPL/BIBL Darrell Johnson
July 4-8 
Icons: Their Place in Christian Prayer and Worship INDS/SPIR Ralph Wood
July 4-8
Vocation and the Common Good INDS/APPL Steven Garber
July 4-15
Book of Revelation BIBL Paul Spilsbury
July 11-15 Taking Your Soul to Work (Seminar option) APPL/SPIR Paul Stevens with Alvin Ung
July 11-15 Poetic Meditations on the Teachings of Jesus INDS Malcolm Guite
July 11-15 Renaissance of Evangelical Thought in North America HIST George Marsden
July 11–15 Colossians BIBL JI Packer
July 11–15 The Missional Life of a Healthy Congregation in a Multicultural Society APPL Minho Song

Weeks 4&5: JULY 18–29, 2016

July 18-22 Leading Well: Surviving and Thriving in Demanding Times APPL/INDS Peter Shaw
July 18-22 For the Healing of the Nations: The Message and Ministry of Reconciliation APPL/SPIR Mark Buchanan
July 18-22 Genesis BIBL John Walton
July 18-29 History of Christian Doctrine THEO 608 Hans Boersma
July 18-29 Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture in the Church Fathers  THEO Hans Boersma
July 25-29 Leading Well: Christian Concepts that Enrich Leaders APPL/INDS Peter Shaw
July 25-29 Science Fiction Literature and Theology INDS Everett Hamner
July 25-29 Jeremiah: The Weeping Prophet BIBL Tremper Longman


June 27–Aug 12 8:30 am–1:00 pm Introductory New Testament Greek I & II LANG 550/LANG 551 Carolyn Hindmarsh
June 27–Aug 12 8:30 am–1:00 pm Introductory Old Testament Hebrew I & II LANG 510/LANG 511 Drew Lewis