Summer Programs 2015

Here's a preview of the courses and professors lined up for next summer.

Spring Session

Weeks 1 & 2: MAY 11–22, 2015

May 11–15 C.S. Lewis in a Week  INDS  Sharon Jebb Smith
May 11–15 Effective Organizations APPL/INDS Gordon Smith
May 11–22 Paul and the Corinthians BIBL  Paul Barnett
May 11–22 Old Testament Foundations BIBL 501 Iain Provan
May 11–22 Psalms BIBL   Iain Provan
May 11-22 Theological Overview THEO 500 J.I. Packer
May 11-22 Mapping Gender HIST Sarah Williams
May 18-22 Counselling, Community, and Congregational Life APPL Rod Wilson
May 18-22 Going Deep: The Spirituality of Reading INDS Sharon Jebb Smith
May 18-22 Relational Ministry, Young People, and the Church APPL Andrew Root

Weeks 3, 4 & 5: MAY 25–JUNE 12, 2015

May 25–29 More than Music: Reimagining Contemporary Worship Leading APPL  Christine Longhurst
May 25-29 Spinning Gold from Straw: The Epistle of James BIBL Mariam Kamell
May 25-29 Proverbss BIBL Bruce Waltke
May 25-29 Job BIBL Drew Lewis
May 25-June 5 Gospel of Matthew BIBL
Rikk Watts
May 25-June 5 New Testament Foundations BIBL 502
Rikk Watts
May 25-June 5 Reading Scripture with the Church Fathers SPIR/THEO Christopher Hall
June 1-5
Making Christ Known: Evangelism, Apologetics, and the Christian Mission APPL/ INDS Krish Kandiah
June 1–5 Dickens in a Week INDS  Valentine Cunningham
June 1–12 Church and State in the Modern World HIST Sarah Williams
June 1–12 (TBC) Worship as a Way of Life SPIR/THEO Julie Canlis
June 8-12 Holistic Disciple-Making for the 21st Century APPL/INDS Krish Kandiah
June 8-12 Archaeological Discoveries and the Bible BIBL Phil Long
June 8-12 Christian Perspectives on Law and Justice INDS David Skeel
June 8-12 T.S. Eliot: Poet, Critic, and Christian INDS Valentine Cunningham


May 31–June 12 Food: Communion, Community, and Creation INDS 535 Loren & Mary-Ruth Wilkinson & Jeff Greenman
July 13–24 Seeking the Shalom of the City INDS/THEO   Jonathan R. Wilson & Soowhan Park
TBC Technology, Wilderness, and Creation INDS 525 Loren & Mary-Ruth Wilkinson

Summer Session

Weeks 1 & 2: JUNE 29–JULY 10, 2015

June 29–July 3 Luke and Acts Darrell Bock
June 29–July 3
Spiritual Disciplines SPIR Susan Phillips
June 29–July 3
Islam, Politics, and the Church INDS John Owen
June 29–July 3
Outlines of Biblical Theology BIBL   Richard Bauckham
June 29-July 3
Martin Luther: Father of Evangelicalism HIST/THEO
Ron Rittgers
June 29-July 10 Evangelical Theology THEO Daniel Treier
July 6–10 Seasons of Renewal SPIR Malcolm Guite & Steve Bell
July 6–10 Promoting the Gospel to Contemporary Culture INDS John Dickson
July 6–10
Preaching the Gospel According to John APPL Darrell Johnson
July 6-10 Aging Matters APPL Paul Stevens

Weeks 3 & 4: JULY 13–24, 2015

July 13–17 Religion in the Public Sphere INDS Jonathan Chaplin
July 13–17 Coming to our Senses: A Christian Aesthetics of Art INDS Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin
July 13–17 Leading Well: Developing Influence, Impact, and Coaching Skills APPL Peter Shaw
July 13–24 
The Gospel According to Moses: Theological and Practical Studies in the Book of Deuteronomy BIBL Daniel Block
July 13–24 Ephesians BIBL   Lynn Cohick
July 13–24 World Christianity HIST Mark Noll
July 13–24 The Theological Voices of Modern Literature INDS Roger Lundin
July 20–24 Models of Faith and Politics INDS Jonathan Chaplin
July 20–24 The Return of Religion to Contemporary Art INDS Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin
July 20-24 Leading Well: Becoming a More Effective Team Leader & Member APPL Peter Shaw

Week 5: JULY 27–31, 2015

July 27–31 Shaping Communities for God's Kingdom: Congregational Formation in the Changing Contexts of Post-Christendom APPL David Fitch
July 27–31 Communicating Christ to Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus APPL Miriam Adeney
July 27–31
1 & 2 Timothy BIBL J.I. Packer
July 27–31
Memories of the Future: Science Fiction and Theology INDS Everett Hamner