How to Register

Online registration is now open.
Please note: Our registration & payment procedures & deadlines have changed.

Please review our new registration and payment processes, deadlines, methods, and policies below and on the sidebars in order to avoid late fees and ensure that you are able to participate in the course of your choice.

Early Registration and Payment Deadline


Registrations will be accepted after this deadline, but a $50 administration fee will be applied. After June 30, payment is due in full immediately upon registration.

Note: the last day to register and pay for a course is the first day of that course. Registration and payment must be completed before the start of the course. For any students whose full tuition balance has not been paid by 4:30 pm on the first day of the course, an extra $50 late payment fee will be charged. The student will not be permitted to remain in that course unless payment is received.

Refund Policies

Please note that our refund policies have changed.

For a 100% tuition refund (less registration deposit), the course must be dropped on or before the Friday before class begins.

For a 75% tuition refund (less registration deposit), the course must be dropped on or before the second day of class.

Exception: For language classes only, a 75% refund will be available until the fifth day of class. No refund is available after the fifth day of class.

See Student Contract for full refund policies.

Summer Student Contract

Scholarships and Benefits

We offer several scholarships and tuition benefits to help you make your way to Regent this summer. Are you in full-time ministry? Our Summer Travel Scholarships can help cover the cost of coming to Regent. Interested in biblical languages? Check out our Mary of Bethany Language Fund. Want to introduce a friend to Regent? Take a class together with our Bring-A-Friend Benefit. Seniors, Regent grads, Regent students, and spouses of Regent students are also encouraged to take advantage of our Audit Benefits.

Registration Process

You can register for courses through REGIS beginning February 22, 2017.

Please note: First-time REGIS users should allow one business day to receive a REGIS login before they are able to register. Request a login.

Special registration and payment policies apply to travel courses. For information on the registration, refund, and payment policies applying to these courses, see our En Route courses page.

Payment Methods

Please note that our tuition payment methods have changed

Credit card payments are no longer accepted for anything except the initial registration deposit. Other online payment methods are available, but processing takes time. Please plan ahead in order to avoid late fees and ensure your right to participate in the class of your choice.

More information


If you've read this page carefully and still have questions, contact Registration at 604.221.3370 or email