Activities & Events

Summer is a time of wonderful possibilities for learning, growing, and interacting with others. Our Summer Programs include a variety of activities that enhance your classroom learning and provide an opportunity to meet other “pilgrims along the way.”

Attend Our Free Evening Public Lectures

Evening Public Lectures are a hallmark of Regent’s Summer schedule. These lectures provide an opportunity to hear from a number of Summer Programs faculty outside of the classroom. See our Public Lectures page for the full schedule. All lectures begin at 7:30 pm.

Worship in Chapel

Chapel is foundational to our life at Regent College and you are warmly invited to participate. In the Spring Session Chapel is held at 11:15 am Mondays and Thursdays. In the Summer Session Chapel is held daily 11:15am. Many students and faculty have found that the mingling of testimony and praise, exposition, and intercession creates an atmosphere of rich spiritual vitality.

Connect with Faculty

Each week throughout Spring and Summer, we take a break from the classrooms to spend a little time getting to know the faculty through coffee and dialogue events, panel discussions, and other informal talks.


On Thursday evenings, we will provide a space to network with students and faculty from similar backgrounds or with similar interests. Email for more information.

Sign up for a Prayer Retreat

Nurture your relationship with God, away from the hustle and bustle of classes and activities, with a one-day prayer retreat. Registration is open now.

Summer Prayer Retreat: Exploring Whole-hearted Devotion to God in the Psalms
Saturday July 11 at 9:00 am–4:00 pm with Carolyn and Bruce Hindmarsh.

Sign Up for Postmodern Urban Spaces: A City Tour— July 18

This popular bus tour with Dr. David Ley, Professor of Urban Geography at UBC, takes you through Vancouver’s downtown and inner city districts and emphasizes the changing social values of postmodern culture. It's an occasion to gain a deeper understanding of how to read cities by their urban landscape, using Vancouver as a model.

Registration opens February 25, 2015.

Grab a Delicious Lunch in the Atrium

Our catering team prepares nutritious and delectable dishes every Monday and Thursday from May to July at a cost of $5.00 for a complete meal. You can’t get a better deal in Vancouver! And the communal lunchtime is a wonderful opportunity to share a meal with classmates and professors.

Order an Americano at The Well Coffee Bar

Located at the entrance to the Bookstore, this Regent alumnus-owned coffee bar offers a fine selection of espresso drinks and teas, as well as various snack and lunch menu items. The daily soup is a tasty alternative when lunch is not served.

Study at the John Richard Allison Library

One of the great gifts of Regent College is the beautiful John Richard Allison Library located on the lower level. Leather chairs and well-equipped study carrels are woven in and through the stacks and original works of art, all well lit by generous skylights. Once you have registered and paid course fees, you are eligible for a free Allison Library card, valid for one year from the day of membership request.

See an Exhibition at the Lookout Gallery

Regent's art gallery is a quiet respite from the bustle of the atrium while Summer Programs are in session. The gallery showcases the work of an ever-expanding roster of local and international artists who are not afraid to address questions of faith in their art.

Visit the Regent Bookstore

The Regent Bookstore is considered by most Regent students to be the area of greatest temptation at Regent College; it carries one of the most extensive selection of books of any theological bookstore in North America. The Regent Bookstore also offers CDs and DVDs of faculty lectures and an audio selection of various Regent courses. Be sure to leave space in your suitcase to bring home the treasures you find here!

Explore the UBC Campus and Vancouver

There is no other place like Vancouver in the summer months. To help you get acquainted with this beautiful city, we've compiled a list of our favourite activities, hidden gems, and best sights around town. Check out our Vancouver page for ideas on how to best fill that leisure time between classes.