Fees & Registration

Register early to ensure your spot in each course. Space permitting, registrations will be accepted up to the first day of class, except where otherwise noted.

Registration is now open!

New and Non-Admitted Students

If you've never taken a course at Regent and have not applied to a program, you can register for courses either online or by paper form. If you register online, you'll be contacted regarding payment once your registration has been reviewed by staff.

New Students Register Online

You can also download, print, and sign our Summer 2015 Registration form. Submit your completed forms:

  • in person at Regent College Reception
  • by mail to Summer Registration, Regent College, 5800 University Blvd, Vancouver, BC, V6T 2E4, Canada
  • by fax to 604.224.3097
  • by email attachment to student.services@regent-college.edu

Coming from outside of Canada?

If you study for less than six months and are not enrolled in a program, you do not need a study permit. Learn more about Visa and Study Permits here.

Returning and Admitted Students

If you’ve taken a course at Regent in the past or have applied for admission to a program, you can register online through REGIS, using your Regent Login. Log in and look for “Register for 2015SUR” in the Registration drop-down menu. To retrieve your Regent Login details, visit our IT Helpdesk website.

Note: If you have applied for admission to a program at Regent but have not yet been formally admitted, you can still register online through REGIS. You will be limited in the number of courses you can take for credit.

Login to REGIS

Special Registration Process for Galiano Courses (INDS 525 & INDS 535)

Due to the great popularity of these courses in past years, and to ensure fairness for all students, registration will be based on a lottery system. Registration for these courses will open at 10 am PST on Wednesday, February 25, 2015. All registrations received within the first 24 hours (until 10 am PST on February 26) will be placed in a pool, from which students will be chosen by random selection until the maximum enrollment has been reached. Any students remaining in the pool will be chosen by random selection to determine their spot on the waitlist. Any registrations received after 10 am on February 26 will then be added to the waitlist (or to the course, if space permits) in the order they are received. Students will be notified by email regarding their placement in the course (or on the waitlist) within three business days.

Although these courses are electives and are not requirements for any program, some students may find them especially well-suited to the focus of their program (depending, for example, on their MA concentration). In order to appeal for special consideration for placement in either of these courses, contact the Senior Academic Administrator (gschoberg@regent-college.edu) by February 18. Note that special consideration will be made only when it is demonstrated that the course is integral to one’s concentration.

Alumni Seat Sale (also called "Graduate 50% Audit Benefit")

Graduates of Regent College enjoy an automatic 50% off their audit tuition for unlimited courses. See the Tuition Benefits Application (found in the Summer 2015 Registration Form, available on February 25) for further information and to apply.

Bring-a-Friend benefit

Have you loved being a student at Regent College’s Summer Programs? Bring a friend (or two) to share the experience, and you’ll also share in a tuition benefit! Bring a friend who is new to Regent College, enjoy a course together, and you’ll each receive one-third off your tuition for that course.

The deadline to register for the Bring-a-Friend benefit is May 8, 2015. The application form for this benefit will be available here beginning February 25, 2015.

Audit or Credit

Taking a course for audit

This means that you will attend the class for personal enrichment only, you do not need to complete the assignments, and you will not be graded. You will, however, gain most from the course if you complete the assigned readings.

The cost to audit a course is calculated as follows: if a course is offered for a variable number of credit hours, the cost to audit the course reflects the lower number of credits. For example, if a course is offered for 2 or 3 credit hours, then you will register and pay for 2 audit hours. The audit price for each course is listed next to the course description.

Taking a course for credit

This means that you will complete all assignments, be graded, and can use these credits towards a diploma or degree.

  • Credit hours: Spring and Summer courses are usually offered for a choice of credit hours. You can choose to earn more or fewer credits, based on workload. One-week courses are normally 1 or 2 credit hours, and two-week courses are 2 or 3 credit hours. Some exceptions do apply, so you must check the specific course you're interested in for details.
  • Workload: Each credit hour corresponds to approximately 45 hours of work, in the form of class lectures, readings, and assignments.

COURSE Eligibility

If you have been admitted to, or graduated from, Regent College:

You can take as many courses as you like! Students in the Graduate Diploma of Christian Studies can take a maximum of 30 credit hours before needing to be admitted to a master’s degree program.

If you have not been admitted to Regent College, but have an undergraduate degree:

You can take up to 6 credit hours in the Spring and Summer Sessions, provided you have not taken more than 6 credit hours previously at Regent College. You need to be formally admitted to Regent College to go beyond 12 credit hours.

If you do not have an undergraduate degree, but are at least 23 years of age or will have completed at least half of a four-year undergraduate program:

You can audit most classes, but not take courses for credit.

If you do not have an undergraduate degree, but are at least 28 years of age:

You can take up to 6 credit hours in the Spring and Summer Sessions, provided you have not taken more than 6 credit hours previously at Regent College. You need to be formally admitted to Regent College to go beyond 12 credit hours.

Course Pricing

1 audit hour $320 1 credit hour $470
2 audit hours $640 2 credit hours $940
3 audit hours $960 3 credit hours $1410

Please note that the above pricing applies to Summer Term 2015 onwards.

Spring/Summer Scholarship for Ministers

Are you in full-time vocational ministry and interested in travelling to Regent college in Spring and/or Summer to take a one or two-week course? If so, this scholarship may be for you. A $4,000 scholarship will be awarded to one or two individuals with proven financial need at the discretion of the Financial Aid Committee, and prorated to reflect the individual's travel and lodging costs.


The scholarship is not available to full-time students, or to pastors who are applying to Regent for full-time studies commencing in the fall. The candidate must be in full-time vocational ministry (church, parachurch, mission organization, etc.) and returning following the summer to his/her full-time ministry poistion for a minimum of one year. Preference will be given to pastors and ministers working in Asia.

Application Instructions

Candidates must submit a personal profile documenting their Christian journey, a description of their current ministry and challenges they face, and an explanation of the Spring/Summer courses they wish to take and why those courses will enhance their ministry.

Email Marsha Parkin, Financial Aid Officer financial.aid@regent-college.edu by March 1, 2015.

Upon Completion

Recipients will be expected to write a report after finishing their course(s), documenting their experience at Regent College and its community, their classroom experience, the ways in which they have been refreshed and recharged, and a description of the course content and how it has enhanced their ministry or encouraged them in their vocation.