We love to learn and to facilitate learning for others here at Regent Exchange! We hope the curated resources here will help inform and inspire you in your exploration of vocation and contributing to the common good. Check back for more resources in the future as we continue to learn and grow.

Visions of Vocation: Common Grace for the Common Good

Steve Garber

This rich yet accessible book is centered on the premise that we are all called to be ‘common grace for the common good’ and that as such, the question of vocation is integral – not incidental – to the mission of God. As he explores what this means for us in our contemporary context, Garber asks the age old question: ‘can we know the world, and still love it?’ By telling us stories about his ‘community of friends’, Garber broadens our vision of what it looks like to be a people who follow the invitation of Jesus to ‘come and see’ and so learn the truth of what it looks like to connect what one believes to how one lives ‘in and through’ ones’ vocation.

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Kingdom Calling: Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good

Amy Sherman

Sherman’s book provides a great starting point for anyone – pastor or layperson – seeking to understand what it means to steward our vocations well. Given that we spend 95 per cent of our lives out in the world, it is crucial, says Sherman, that churches promote a right understanding of the theology of vocation and the inherent value of our work as people called by God to partner with him in the healing of all of Creation. Drawing on real life examples from around the world and reflecting a myriad of vocations, Sherman provides us with an invigorating and yet wholly accessible vision of what it looks like for the tsadiqqim, the ‘just and righteous’ of God, to be fully alive and equipped in their vocation in such a way that their prosperity leads to prosperity and grace for the common good.

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Courage and Calling: Embracing Your God-Given Potential

Gordon T. Smith

This book communicates clear and practical insights on discerning God’s call in our lives. After explaining that God’s call on our lives belongs within His call to himself, Smith argues that we must first know who we are (our gifts, desires, perception of needs of the world, unique personalities) to seek congruence with who God has called us to be. He narrates the challenges we face throughout the seasons of our lives, while recognizing the dynamic nature of calling. He identifies five things authentic vocation should involve, the obstacles to fulfilling one’s call, and the essential capabilities involved with thinking vocationally. He argues we must be people of courage to embrace our God-given vocation and goes on to offer several qualifiers of courage. Finally, he identifies four additional points of leverage that can help our vocational stewardship - continuous learning, resilience, the organizations we are a part of, and the routine and rhythm of our lives.

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How Your Congregation Learns: The Learning Journey from Challenge to Achievement

Tim Shapiro

This book is a practical guide for guiding congregations through the learning journey. According to Shapiro, learning congregations facilitate the development of new abilities in its clergy and laity to improve its capacity to address ever-increasing demands for the sake of its religious claims and commitments. Shapiro takes the reader through eight stages of the learning journey and provides frameworks for understanding developmental learning. Each chapter draws on congregational examples and concludes with a succinct list of phenomena for diagnosing whether a congregation is in a particular stage, questions to consider, and things to do amidst a particular stage.

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Regent College, in association with The Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation & Culture

Our lives are increasingly complex and so is our modern world. As a result, Christians often struggle to connect what they believe with what they do day by day. ReFrame addresses this challenge through a 10-week, film-based series that helps Christians connect faith with all of life; whether that be tending a garden, caring for children, pastoring a church, or negotiating a business deal. The now open-access series of videos combines the best elements of Regent College’s graduate curriculum, with relevant examples, stories, questions, and exercises for engaging the complexity of our daily experience. ReFrame is not simply an intellectual exercise. Its primary goal is to help Christians open their eyes to see Jesus in new ways and then be filled with joy and confidence to live every aspect of life fully for him.

ReFrame is available to watch via streaming at or on Vimeo. You can also download PDF leadership guides, participant guides, and the full course videos here. 

Printed guides and DVDs are available for purchase using the links below:

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