Small Grants for Church Learning Communities

Regent Exchange: Churches for the Common Good is a church engagement initiative from Regent College that focuses on exploring local expressions of vocation and calling. As Regent Exchange has worked with congregations across Cascadia to explore how God is calling them, we’ve seen the importance of learning in community. Exploring vocation together not only helps groups discern calling, it also strengthens connections within these groups and helps churches develop a posture of listening that facilitates congregational connections with the broader community.

In response to these observations, Regent Exchange is launching a new program to provide opportunities for church groups to learn together: Small Grants for Church Learning Communities.

How Churches Can Benefit

This program aims to help churches in Cascadia grow as learning communities by providing small grants (up to $1,000 CAD) to church groups interested in exploring vocation together. Each grant will help a group, known as a Church Learning Community (CLC) develop and implement a six-month learning initiative or trial project designed to strengthen or enhance their congregation’s understanding and practice of its calling. For example:

  • A team of lay leaders could do a book study on a topic relevant to their church’s local context.
  • A small group could go on a retreat to explore contemplative prayer and vocational discernment.
  • A group could lead a workshop on following God’s call into the neighbourhood.

The specific focus of each grant-funded project is up to the group itself, and can be tailored to its particular context.

How to Participate

Proposing a Project

  1. Gather a group and identify a topic you might want to explore together.
  2. Download this form and use it to create your project proposal. Your proposal should include an overview of the intended area of learning and any related activities, information about your church and your group, and a sample budget indicating the amount of funding you’re requesting. Proposals must be submitted by October 16 for the first round of grants or January 12 for the second round.
  3. Submit your proposal to [email protected] for consideration by the CLC review team.
  4. You’ll be contacted by a member of the Regent Exchange team to discuss your proposal and our response.

Carrying Out a Funded Project

  1. You’ll receive a welcome package with introductory materials from Regent Exchange. All group members should read these materials and familiarize themselves with requirements for the final project report. 
  2. Have your designated treasurer keep and log all receipts using a reimbursement form—this is how you’ll receive the grant funding.
  3. Begin implementing your project plan!

Sharing Your Learning

When your initiative comes to an end, prepare and submit a brief learning report. This will help your group consolidate and celebrate what you’ve learned through your experience. It will also help Regent Exchange grow in its understanding of church learning communities and support churches more effectively.

Learn More

For more information, please see the FAQs page. If you have other questions, feel free to get in touch with the team at [email protected].