Summer Programs 2013

Summer Programs at Regent are a great way to get a taste of what studying here is all about. Our courses are 1 or 2 weeks long, and you can choose to take them either for graduate credit, or for the pure enjoyment of learning, without having to do any of the homework.

Here's a sneak peek of our offerings this year. Visit the Regent College Summer Programs 2013 website for more information.

Spring Session

Weeks 1&2: May13-24, 2013

Course code COURSE TITLE

BIBL  560 Pauline Theology Douglas Moo Morning 
BIBL  501 Old Testament Foundations Iain Provan Morning
BIBL  627 Psalms Iain Provan Afternoon
THEO  607 Systematic Theology C Hans Boersma Afternoon
THEO  608 History of Christian Doctrine Hans Boersma Morning

Week 3: MAY 27-31, 2013

Course code COURSE TITLE

APPL  525 How Do I Help a Hurting Friend?  Rod Wilson  Evening
BIBL  670 James Mariam Kamell Afternoon
BIBL  523
Phil Long
SPIR  567 Prayer and the Spiritual Life Susan Phillips Morning

Week 4 & 5: JUNE 3-14, 2013

Course code COURSE TITLE

APPL  541 Promoting the Gospel to Contemporary Culture (June 3-7)  John Dickson  Afternoon
APPL  521 Holistic Disciple-making for the Third Millennium Krish Kandiah  Morning
APPL/INDS  523 Designing Entrepreneurship: Integrating Faith and Innovation         Michael Hodson  Afternoon
INDS  588 Christianity and Modern Technology Craig Gay Morning
INDS  583 Christianity and the Political Economy of Capitalism Paul Williams & Paul Oslington Morning 
BIBL  562 Acts Bruce Milne Morning
SPIR  619
Spiritual Discernment (June 10-14)
Gordon T. Smith
INDS  535 Food: Communion, Community, and Creation (June 2-14; OFF-SITE)  Loren & Mary-Ruth Wilkinson Off-site

Summer Session

Weeks 1 & 2: JULY 1-12, 2013

Course code COURSE TITLE

BIBL  567 2 Corinthians (July 1-5) J.I. Packer Morning
SPIR/THEO  530 Augustine's Pilgrimage of Grace Paul Helm Afternoon
INDS  538 Faith, Hope, and Poetry Malcolm Guite Afternoon
INDS  592 J.R.R. Tolkien: Writer for Our Time of Terror       Ralph Wood  Morning
BIBL  676 Philippians  Lynn Cohick  Afternoon 
BIBL  572 2 Timothy (July 8-12) Jonathan Griffiths Morning
INDS  525 Technology, Wilderness, and Creation (July 3-13; OFF-SITE)  Loren & Mary-Ruth Wilkinson with Craig Gay & Julie Lane-Gay Off-site

Weeks 3 & 4: JULY 15-26, 2013

Course code COURSE TITLE

APPL/INDS  531 The Soul of Innovation (July 15-19) Paul Stevens & Rick Goossen Morning 
HIST  533 Six-Continent Christianity (July 15-19) Andrew Walls Morning 
HIST  591 The Recent World History of Christianity (July 22-26) Mark Noll Morning
INDS  569 Modern Literature and the Question of Belief (July 15-26) Roger Lundin Morning
INDS  505 Believing in Documentary Iwan Russell-Jones Evening 
HIST/SPIR  654 Spirituality in the Life and Thought of the Church Fathers Chris Hall Afternoon
APPL/INDS  520 Connect: Speaking Skills for Life (July 22-26) John Stackhouse Morning 
APPL/INDS  532 Teaching, Imagination, and Christian Practices (July 15-19)   David Smith  Afternoon
APPL/INDS  556 Learning from the Stranger: Christian Faith and Cultural Diversity (July 22-26)   David Smith   Afternoon

Week 5: JULY 29-Aug 2, 2013

Course code COURSE TITLE

APPL  526 Cultural Intelligence for a Changing Church Soong-Chan Rah Afternoon
BIBL  514 The Kingdom of God in the Teachings of Jesus Scot McKnight Morning
BIBL  615 Judges/Ruth Bruce Waltke Afternoon
INDS  512 Hollywood Cinema and the Christian Imagination William Romanowski Afternoon
SPIR  525 Living Elders in a Dying Church Jim Houston Morning
INDS  558

Corporate Life and Eternal Life: Discipleship and the Demands of Business

John Stackhouse & Bonnie Wurzbacher  Morning


Course code COURSE TITLE

LANG  550/551 New Testament Greek I & II Carolyn Hindmarsh Morning 
LANG  510/511 Old Testament Hebrew I & II Kurtis Peters & Dave Diewert Morning