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The creation of ReFrame was a massive team effort. We’re amazed by the generosity of the individuals, churches, businesses, and foundations who helped bring this project to life.

What's new?

ReFrame became available online in November 2014, and since then hundreds of copies have been distributed to users in 22 countries! ReFrame is helping thousands of Christians deepen their understanding of God’s story and its meaning for every aspect of their lives.

We’ve been both humbled and energized by new opportunities to partner with other organizations that want to make ReFrame accessible throughout the global Church.

  • The Lausanne Movement plans to use ReFrame with 1,000+ international participants in its 2016 Younger Leaders Gathering.
  • Next fall, the principals of BC Christian schools will gather at Regent for an introduction to ReFrame, with subsequent opportunities to use the course in professional development at their schools.

We’re excited to see what God is doing with ReFrame in communities around the world!

"ReFrame is refreshing, theologically sharp and missiologically thoughtful. We are thrilled to bring it to emerging leaders from all around the globe."

Sarah Breuel, Chair of the Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering

What's Next?

ReFrame is out—your next gift will help people find it. Your donation will support the promotion and distribution of ReFrame to a wider audience through two main initiatives:

  • Translation - We’ve received numerous inquiries about ReFrame’s availability in additional languages, and our work with Lausanne has made this task especially urgent.
  • Catalyst Events - Launching ReFrame in person in various cities will help multiply ReFrame’s reach and impact.
ReFrame is helping Christians all around the world gain fresh vision for how God is truly at work in them and around them in everyday life, but we cannot continue this work without your financial support. Would you join in this exciting work with a gift? 

What Is ReFrame?

ReFrame is a film-based course that explores how the biblical narrative re-frames our lives and invites us to become joyful participants in God’s ongoing mission. Featuring TED-style lectures from Regent College professors, conversations with a wide range of professionals, and insights from prominent Christian thought leaders, ReFrame offers a unique blend of biblical engagement and real-world applicability.

Visit the ReFrame website to find more information, sample episodes, and keep tabs on upcoming events.

Will you help us take ReFrame to the world and to you?

Think of it. Thousands of church groups around the world joining the Story that reframes everything, and connecting their faith with all of life.

How would that change the world?


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