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“ReFrame represents one of the most exciting prospects in regent’s history.”

Dr. Jim Houston, Founding Principal, Regent College

What is ReFrame?

ReFrame is a dynamic, thought-provoking course that explores the entire Story of Scripture and how it re-frames our lives. It pulls together Regent’s fresh approach to Scripture, incisive cultural analysis, helpful discussions, and inspiring stores of faith in action, into a ten-week, two-hour weekly group format that's similar to Alpha, but aimed at discipleship for a more mature Christian.

The ReFrame project

The ReFrame experience

The ReFrame topics

Session 1: The Story that Reframes Everything
This session introduces the main themes of the course, particularly the challenge of faith and life amid the complexities of the modern world. The lecture explores the power of story in answering some of life’s most compelling questions. Using the account of the disciples on the road to Emmaus, Professor Paul Williams invites us to hear the biblical story afresh and encounter Jesus along the way.

Session 2: (Post)Modern Stories: The Stories that Frame Our Lives Today
This session explores some key aspects of the stories of modernity and postmodernity dominating our Western culture today. The lecture invites participants to see more clearly the assumptions underlying the (post)modern worldview, and calls us to consider how the stories of consumerism and modern capitalism, for example, have a powerful influence in shaping how we live. 

Session 3: The Biblical Story: Creation and Fall
If the story of modernity provides one account of what it means to be human, what is our story? This session looks back to the beginning of the Christian story, focusing on the biblical account of creation found in Genesis 1–3. Using these foundational chapters, Dr. Iain Provan leads us to discover the goodness of the created order, the creation of human persons in the image of God, and the human vocation to cultivate the earth (Gen 1:28). The lecture also looks at the entrance of human sin into the world, and the effects of sin on people’s relationship with God, with one another, and with the rest of creation.

Session 4: The Biblical Story: Israel and Covenant
Most Christians are familiar with the beginning of the Old Testament, but what happens after Genesis Chapter 3? Dr. Phil Long and Dr. Iain Provan join together to take us beyond the creation story into the formation of Israel as God’s people, and explore the way God works in the world by calling a particular people to worship him in time, space, and culture. Touching on the themes of exodus and exile, and covenant and law, the session helps us wrestle with and understand the role of the Old Testament as a part of our Christian story in a fresh and compelling way.

Session 5: The Biblical Story: Jesus—the Climax of History
Having spent time exploring the story of Israel, we now come to the life and work of Jesus Christ. Dr. Rikk Watts leads us through the life of Jesus in its historical and cultural context, and demonstrates how Jesus is the climax and fulfillment of the Christian story. In short, Jesus redefined what it meant to be the people of God. This session invites us to see how Jesus came to reconstitute Israel through his mission and message, and creates space for participants to personally respond to him.

Session 6: Creation Reframed: New Heavens, New Earth
Just as Jesus reflected the true image of God in his life and death, his resurrection signified the world made new. In this session, Dr. Rikk Watts examines the resurrection of Jesus, its significance in history, and its meaning for the Christian life. Dr. Watts’s passion is evident as he explores the consummation of history in the New Jerusalem, showing how creation will be transformed and renewed. The lecture encourages participants to see how the scriptural picture of relational peace—in which humans experience right relationships with God, with one another, and with the rest of creation—has implications for our lives today.

Session 7: The Biblical Story: Pentecost and the Power of the Spirit
The story continues with Jesus’s promise of the Holy Spirit to his disciples. Using John 20: 19–23 as a key text, Dr. Ross Hastings joins us to talk about the person of the Holy Spirit and his role in the Christian story. The lecture invites us to understand the church from the perspective of being receivers and sharers of Christ’s shalom. Our role as participants in God’s mission is transformed, as we work not in our own strength but in step with the Spirit. In this session there is also opportunity for prayer and communion.

Session 8: Living in Exile: Aliens or Ambassadors?
One of the challenges of living faithfully as Christians in the modern world is the temptation to either assimilate into or withdraw from our culture. Professor Paul Williams uses the metaphor of being an ambassador to describe our true identity, grounding our ultimate citizenship in heaven. As strangers in the world, we are called to live as ambassadors sent with the purpose of participating in God’s work. This session encourages us to explore what this might mean in our own workplaces and communities.

Session 9: Kingdom Living: Innovating within Constraints
Having explored the biblical narrative and some examples from the life of the historical church, Paul Williams returns to help us discover how individuals and communities can approach living authentically as Christians in the marketplace, in light of the entire Christian story. Drawing from his own experience, as well as biblical and historical examples, Professor Williams examines the role of Christian practices (e.g. prayer, fasting, reading Scripture) and virtues (e.g. creativity, perseverance, etc.) in developing a faithful, vibrant, and innovative witness to the gospel.

Session 10: Joyful Living: Celebration and Conclusion
This final session will be a time of celebration for what the Holy Spirit has done throughout the course. There is opportunity to hear the biblical story told creatively, share a meal (optional), and to be commissioned as living witnesses to the way in which God’s story reframes everything.

Taking Regent College to the world!

Imagine a video series with Regent College faculty members teaching your church or small group. This could be possible for your church and for thousands of others, especially in Africa and Asia where there is great need for sound biblical teaching resources. Anyone will be able to download ReFrame for a recommended donation or even for free. It’s about taking the best of Regent College and making it accessible to a wide audience at little or no cost.

Help us finish the job. With the help of many investors like you, we’ve been able to start the pre-production and the film production phases. This means our team has begun detailed script writing, production planning in multiple locations, and story-boarding with the director. Filming is scheduled for the summer of 2013.

However, we still need to raise funds for the post-production, launch, and distribution. Will you help us with the final phase of ReFrame? Your donation will directly pay for:

  • Film editing in autumn 2013
  • Composing original music
  • Designing the necessary graphics and branding
  • Writing the participant and facilitators guides
  • Creating a web platform to provide global online access to ReFrame

With your help we hope to raise all the funds needed so that we can release ReFrame in early 2014!

Will you help us take ReFrame to the world and to you?

Think of it. Thousands of church groups around the world joining the Story that reframes everything, and connecting their faith with all of life.

How would that change the world?