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Over 240 donors give $300,000 to fund the initial stages of ReFrame

Individuals. Churches. Businesses. Foundations. From 12 different countries!

We are amazed at this generosity, and thrilled at the possibilities that lie ahead. Thanks to the generosity of these donors, thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of Christians around the world will have the chance to learn how the whole Gospel story can ReFrame their home lives, their working lives, their learning lives... their entire lives. 

ReFrame officially launched in October of 2014. You can find out more at the new website or enjoy the trailer above. 

What's next?

Now that ReFrame is launched, your next donation will enable us to support the promotion and distribution of ReFrame to a wider audience. This will include:

  • Conducting launch events in various cities to increase ReFrame's potential impact in the world.
  • Ensuring the Marketplace Institute has staff capacity to support churches and other organizations running ReFrame
  • Developing new ReFrame materials, including additional videos and translation efforts
  • Developing ReFrame Extends, which will be topical video series that explore different aspects of society such as business, science, politics, and art

What is ReFrame?

ReFrame is a dynamic, thought-provoking course that explores the entire Story of Scripture and how it re-frames our lives. It pulls together Regent’s fresh approach to Scripture, incisive cultural analysis, helpful discussions, and inspiring stores of faith in action, into a ten-week, two-hour weekly group format that's similar to Alpha, but aimed at discipleship for a more mature Christian.

To learn more about the course content and how you can take part, visit the ReFrame course website.

“ReFrame represents one of the most exciting prospects in regent’s history.”

Dr. Jim Houston, Founding Principal, Regent College

Will you help us take ReFrame to the world and to you?

Think of it. Thousands of church groups around the world joining the Story that reframes everything, and connecting their faith with all of life.

How would that change the world?