Summer Course Registration

Summer Church Group Benefit

Sign up to study with a group from your church, and each student will receive 25% off his or her tuition. We look forward to welcoming your church group this summer!

Benefit Details

This benefit allows those who haven't had an opportunity to study at Regent College to do so alongside others from their congregation, blessing the body of Christ by deepening understanding as a church community. Note that you do not need to take the same course, but simply must be in class during the same week as each other. All online courses listed here are eligible for this benefit.

To apply for this group benefit, your group must submit a Summer Church Group Benefit Form to [email protected] by the deadline specified below. After this, each student in the group must submit a Registration/Course Change Form by the following deadlines.

Spring Session: Deadline is 4:30 pm on the Friday before the first day of class. The normal $45 administrative fee still applies if registration and payment are received after May 8 (the Spring Registration and Payment Deadline).

Summer Session: Deadline is 4:30 pm on June 19 (the Summer Registration and Payment Deadline). No Church Group Benefit applications will be accepted after this date.

Please note: benefits cannot be combined. For example, Regent alumni may participate as members of your church group, if helpful for numbers, but they will not receive this benefit on top of their graduate audit benefit.


Download and submit the Church Group Benefit application form (below). Please follow the instructions set out on the form.

Summer Church Group Benefit Form

Following this, each individual must submit an accompanying Registration Course Change Form (below).

Summer 2020 Registration Course Change Form

Please submit both forms to [email protected]