Summer Bring-a-Friend Benefit

Have you loved being a student at Regent College? Bring a friend (or two) who is new to Regent College, enjoy a Summer Programs course together, and you’ll each receive one-third off your tuition for that course.


  • You (the student) must have taken an on-campus course at Regent College, for credit or for audit, prior to the Spring Session of the year in which you receive the benefit.
  • Your friend must never have taken an on-campus course before.
  • Both you and your friend must register for your common course, and submit a Bring-A-Friend Benefit Application by the deadline stated on the application form.
  • Both you and your friend must register for and attend the same course, and you will both receive 1/3 off your tuition for that course, whether for credit or for audit. You and your friend can each take the course for a different number of credit or audit hours.
  • This offer applies to only one Summer Term course (Spring Session and Summer Session) per friend, and cannot be combined with any other tuition benefit in the same course.
  • You may bring a maximum of two friends to the same course, although you will still only receive a total of one-third off your course tuition.
  • This benefit does not extend to Distance Education courses or certain courses held off-campus, and does not apply to any fixed fees associated with courses (e.g., food and accommodation fee for INDS 525 and INDS 535).


Download and submit the Bring a Friend application form with your course registration. The deadline to apply for this benefit is May 12, 2017.

Bring-A-Friend Benefit Application Form

Registration Process

You can register for courses through REGIS beginning February 22, 2017.

Please note: First-time REGIS users should allow one business day to receive a REGIS login before they are able to register. Request a login.

Special registration and payment policies apply to travel courses. For information on the registration, refund, and payment policies applying to these courses, see our En Route courses page.

Payment Methods

Please note that our tuition payment methods have changed

Credit card payments are no longer accepted for anything except the initial registration deposit. Other online payment methods are available, but processing takes time. Please plan ahead in order to avoid late fees and ensure your right to participate in the class of your choice.

More information


If you've read this page carefully and still have questions, contact Registration at 604.221.3370 or email