Bring-a-Friend Benefit

Sign up for a class with a friend who has never studied at Regent, and you will each receive a 1/3 discount on your tuition for the class.

Benefit Details

After you and your friend(s) register for your course on REGIS, you must provide us with an application for your Bring-a-Friend benefit. Only one application is needed per party.

Please submit your application by the following deadlines: 

Spring Session Deadline: You must submit your application no later than the Friday before the first day of class. A $45 administrative fee applies if registration and payment are received after the Spring Registration and Payment Deadline. 

Summer Session Deadline: You must submit your application no later than the Summer Registration and Payment Deadline. No Bring-a-Friend benefit applications will be accepted after this date. 


Download and submit the Bring a Friend application form with your course registration. 

Note: Student and new attendee must be enrolled in the same course

Summer Bring-A-Friend Benefit Application Form