Mary of Bethany Language Fund For Ministers

This fund was established by a generous donor in order to recognize the importance of biblical language study for thorough exegesis and outstanding preaching, and to encourage pastors, priests, or others in ministry leadership to refresh or initiate their study of biblical Greek or Hebrew.


Applicants must be in full-time vocational ministry (church, parachurch, mission organization, etc.), and wish to participate in a biblical languages class. Funds are not available to full-time students, or to students applying to Regent for full-time studies. Recipients must be planning to return to or continue their ministry position for a minimum of one year. The funds may be used for summer intensive language courses, or for beginning, intermediate, or advanced Greek or Hebrew study during fall or winter terms. (Students for LANG 500: Perspectives in Biblical Languages are not eligible.)


Up to $10,000 shall be distributed to applicants at the discretion of the financial aid committee, in the form of a 50% tuition discount on their biblical language classes taken for credit. Classes taken for audit are not eligible. Recipients will be awarded on a first come, first served basis until funding is depleted.

Application Requirements

Candidates must submit a 1-3 page personal profile, documenting their Christian journey, a description of their current ministry and the challenges they face, and an explanation of why studying biblical Greek or Hebrew will enhance their ministry. This must include a statement about the amount of funding needed to enable them to take the desired language course.

Recipients will be expected to write a brief report upon the conclusion of their course, documenting their experience of Regent College and its community, their classroom experience, the ways in which they have been refreshed and recharged, and a description of how the course content has enhanced their ministry or encouraged them in their vocation.

Applications should be submitted to Regent College, c/o the Financial Aid Officer, 5800 University Boulevard, Vancouver, BC Canada, V6T 2E4. Applications need to be submitted two weeks prior to the start of class.

Scholarships and Bursaries Offered Through Regent College

Scholarships and awards are financial aid benefits that are named and awarded to a student who meets specific criteria. In order to qualify for these benefits, you must send in the Financial Aid application and supporting documents to the Financial Aid office by the deadline for the term in which you are applying.

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How to Apply

Please read carefully through the Application Requirements section on this page.

Applications should be submitted to Regent College, c/o the Financial Aid Officer, 5800 University Boulevard, Vancouver, BC Canada, V6T 2E4. 

The application deadline is two weeks prior to the start of class.


If you've read this page carefully and still have questions, contact Registration at 604.221.3370 or email