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Summer Programs

What will you do on your summer vacation?

Here at Regent, we're going exploring.

In 2017, over 850 students from 22 countries joined us to dig into subjects like theology and technology, poetry and peacekeeping, the letters of Paul and the novels of Marilynne Robinson—to name a few.

We studied hard and thought hard, questioned our assumptions and gained new perspectives. We shared our stories with people from around the world, and planned to share new insights with people back home. We learned, grew, and got to know God better.

In short, we had a pretty great time.

Now we're looking to 2018—and we need your help.

We're already gearing up for next summer, but Regent's Summer Programs can't happen without donor support. In 2017, donors helped us:

  • bring in guest faculty like Tremper Longman III, Susan Phillips, and Malcolm Guite;
  • offer courses in Kenya, Germany, and BC's Gulf Islands;
  • present Evening Public Lectures such as “Beauty as Iconoclast,” “Martin Luther and the Dilemmas of Sola Scriptura,” and “Being Christian in a Secular Society”;
  • gather the community for chapel and lunch ... and so much more.

A gift of any size will help Regent’s Summer Programs thrive, ensuring next year's summer students have access to the same opportunities for exploration, growth, and transformation.

Would you give now to support our Summer Programs?

Monthly Giving

Automatic monthly donations make it easy to support Regent all summer, fall, winter, and spring.

To set up a recurring gift, just select "Monthly Support" when you enter your gift information.


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