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Student Employee (SE) Position
Opening date: Thursday, March 26, 2015
Closing date: Friday, April 24, 2015

This person provides AV support for the various RCSA functions that require sound tech throughout the school year. These functions are often held outside of regular school hours and/or off school premises, and the person must be available to attend these functions and any rehearsals that are required. The functions supported under this position include: Regent Fall Retreat (RCSA hosted sessions only), 4 Soaking Prayer events, RCSA Christmas Service, RCSA L’Chaim (as needed), and lunch-time concerts. 


  • Has experience using AV equipment and being in charge of sound during large events
  • Has a working knowledge of the Regent AV set up, including the chapel system and the portable equipment
  • Has ability and desire to work on a team
  • Has ability and desire to manage work time well
  • Has ability to adapt to change and find technical solutions


  • Assist participants, as needed, during rehearsal times for RCSA functions
  • Provide any set-up/preparation needed for technical equipment before RCSA functions
  • Run sound during all RCSA functions listed above
  • Provide any tear down/clean up needed of technical equipment after RCSA functions
  • Advise function organizers as to any technical requirements for a function
  • Alert function organizers if any additional technical assistance, equipment, or volunteers are needed for the function

Time Commitment:

Approximately 12 hours between September and April


$325 per annum

Review Procedure:

In common with all RCSA positions, there will be a review of workload and performance at the end of the fall term.

Application Procedure:

Application forms must be submitted to the RCSA office or emailed to If the office is closed, forms may be placed in the envelope by the door. Download the RCSA Job Application .