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Our courses take a holistic, interdisciplinary approach, relevant to any vocational direction.

They are designed to push you academically, enrich your faith, challenge your paradigms, and prepare you to live out your calling in the public sphere. 

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Our courses are coded by category, as they would appear on a transcript. These categories are different from a concentration or a program, and a student registered in a particular concentration can take courses in another subject area.

Applied Theology (APPL)

These courses combine theological reflection with action to help you develop understanding and skills for Christian life and ministry.

Sample courses:
Preaching & Worship
Christian Counselling
Youth & Family Ministry

Biblical Studies (BIBL)

These courses deal with the exegesis and interpretation of Scripture, in relation to ancient history, culture, literature, etc.

Sample courses:
Biblical Hermeneutics & Criticism
Exegesis of Matthew
Exodus & Liberation

Church History (HIST)

These courses deal with the influences and consequences of significant people, events, and movements in the life of the church.

Sample courses:
The Anabaptist Story
Anglican Theology & History
Agonies & Ecstasies: Modern Christian Biographies

Interdisciplinary Studies (INDS)

These courses deal with Christian reflection on subjects outside the traditional theological curriculum, including philosophy, science, art, literature, and education.

Sample courses:
Reading Film: A Theological Approach
Creative Prose
Christianity & the Economic Order

Biblical Languages (LANG)

These courses deal with the translation and exegesis of Scripture and ancient literature from the original languages.

Sample courses:
Perspectives on Biblical Languages
Old Testament Hebrew
Advanced Greek Readings

Spiritual Theology (SPIR)

These courses challenge students to encounter and respond to God in human experience, and teach about corporate and individual spirituality.

Sample courses:
Prayer: A Survey of Traditions & Practices
Spiritual Pilgrimage: Image & Experience
Meaning of the Sacraments

Systematic & Historical Theology (THEO)

These courses deal with the systematic communication of Christian faith and doctrine, both in the past and in contemporary life.

Sample courses:
Theology of Culture
Pastoral Ethics
Creation, Christology, Soteriology, and Anthropology

Visit the Academic Calendar <link to Academic Calendar> to learn more and to see full course listings.

Who can study at Regent?

We welcome applicants from all professional and academic backgrounds. Our programs require an undergraduate degree from an accredited university, but mature students may be considered if experience can be seen as equivalent to a university education. If you wish to take courses simply for personal enrichment (Lifelong Learning or audit) but do not have a bachelor’s degree, you must be at least 23 years old OR to have completed at least 50% of the credits required for a four-year bachelor’s degree.

Ways to study

There are so many ways to nurture your mind at Regent. We invite you to study in whatever capacity you can. Regent is known for its degree programs, but we offer a breadth of options for part-time study and personal enrichment—for credit or otherwise.

Degree Programs

We offer six distinct graduate programs, and a variety of ways to take your courses.

On Campus
Studying on campus, in the company of peers is the best way to experience all that Regent has to offer.

Distance Education
We offer an extensive list of Distance Education courses that let you study at your own pace and in your own home. Up to one third of a degree can be completed this way.

Evening Courses
Evening courses let you fit Regent into your busy schedule.

Weekend Courses
Weekend courses offer an amazing, intensive learning environment. You can complete an entire course in two or three weekends.

For more information, view our Graduate Program Admissions Requirements.

Personal Enrichment

We welcome students to take individual courses for their own enrichment and interest. You can take up to 12 credit hours without enrolling in a program.

Credit or Audit
Many of our for-credit courses can be audited at a reduced rate for personal enrichment. Students are not required to complete assignments and do not receive credit for audit courses.

Public Lectures
Throughout the year we offer free public lectures by our own faculty and visiting teachers.

Our renowned conferences focus on pertinent issues and challenges that affect Christians in diverse vocations.

Summer Programs
Regent offers the most extensive theological Summer Programs in the world, with one and two week courses designed for those with no prior theological education. Courses can be taken for credit or audit.

Regent College Podcast
Hosts Claire and Octavio bring theology to life in weekly conversations with the people who shape Regent College. Listen Now

Learn more about Lifelong Learning options.

How to register for a course

You can find all the information you need about registering for our courses on the Register for Courses page.

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