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"Why Church?" The Winter 2015 Regent World Is Out

January 26, 2015
How can we allow grace to ground our relationships and create safe, authentic spaces for fellowship and worship?

We're pleased to announce the launch of our Winter 2015 issue of The Regent World called “Why Church?" 

Something about our current cultural moment is driving a growing number of people away from church, despite Scripture’s call toward the communal Christian life. How can the church connect with the next generation? How are churches today responding to challenges in our neighbourhoods? And how can we allow grace to ground our relationships and create safe, authentic spaces for fellowship and worship?

Explore these questions with Erin Lane, Scot McKnight, Hans Boersma, and others. Read a thoughtful short meditation by alumnus Randal Rauser on the values of a North American suburban church colliding with those of a Rwandan suburban church. And get some advice from Regent alumnus Daniel Louie on five questions to ask when choosing a church.

In conjunction with the issue, we're hosting our Redux live webcast on Tuesday, February 3 from 12:00-1:00 pm PST,"Making Peace with Church." Our panelists include are Erin Lane, Scot McKnight, Hans Boersma, and Darrell Johnson. Read more details and join the conversation here.

You won’t want to miss a video of Ross Douthat, the Laing Lectures 2014 speaker and columnist for The New York Times, offering an erudite analysis of the contemporary North American spiritual landscape.

Additionally, our alumni weigh in on innovative ways to address issues facing our church in this day and age. Read insightful commentaries from Aaron Roberts, J. Barrett Lee, Jodi Spargur, Linda Mercadante, Wayne Park, and others.

Check out all this and more in the online issue.

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