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New Partnership with Consortium of Christian Study Centers

July 16, 2015
"Our evangelical identity and our mission of fostering a deep, integrated, and informed faith resonates strongly with what study centers are doing so strategically at university campuses."

Regent College is pleased to announce that it has become a Partner Organization of the Consortium of Christian Study Centers (CCSC)—an association that exists to advance the growth and effectiveness of Christian Study Centers at secular universities throughout the world. There are currently 19 members of the Consortium, including major public universities, elite private liberal arts colleges, and members of the Ivy League.

As a Partner Organization, Regent College will work collaboratively with networks of ministry that all CCSC Study Centers provide at their individual campuses. Many Study Centers are hubs of ministry for thoughtful Christian students on campus—just the types of students who would be interested in further theological education.

“Regent is a natural partner for the Study Center movement, which is growing rapidly," says Regent College President Jeff Greenman. "Our evangelical identity and our mission of fostering a deep, integrated, and informed faith resonates strongly with what study centers are doing so strategically at university campuses. A number of our Regent faculty have connections already with these study centers, and we hope to support their ministries with Regent resources.”

Dr. Andrew H. Trotter, Jr., Executive Director of the Consortium, is particularly pleased to welcome Regent as a new member. "Aside from the obvious reasons—Regent's superb faculty, its reputation for excellence in the evangelical world, its winsome location and facilities—I am particularly glad to have Regent on board because of its emphasis on the layperson becoming an active and responsible theologian.

"Seminary students, especially but not exclusively those interested in the academy, have traditionally had only a few options for employment available to them: pastoral work, university teaching, campus ministry, missions. We hope to open up in the Study Center movement a whole new stream of possibilities for Regent's graduating students. I see Regent as a tremendous source of staffing for Study Centers as they grow, since they require teachers, apologists, campus ministers, and a host of other hybrid positions from counsellor to administrator, all of which could be found in Regent's graduates."

This announcement follows a recent partnership with A Rocha Canada announced in October 2014. Regent College actively seeks to partner with leading evangelical groups to pursue common interests and goals. Watch for more partnerships to be announced in the coming year.

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