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Watch Redux on Oct 7: Me, My Stuff & God: Making Space in a Culture of Want

August 31, 2015
"How do we untangle the complex web of relationships between material things and identity?"

Join us for the fifth installment of Regent Redux—a series of online panel discussions on issues that matter in our contemporary society.

On October 7, 2015 at 12 PST, we will discuss how our identities are shaped by the material things that we own.


Joshua Becker
Sarah Bessey
Skye Jethani
with moderator Iwan Russell-Jones

about the topic

Me, My Stuff, and God: Making Space in a Culture of Want

PC or Mac? J.Crew or consignment? Safeway or farmer's market? It's no secret that the consumer society we live in pressures us to continually reinvent ourselves by buying into the latest technology and cultural trends. We are told that our brand allegiances define our individuality, while giving us access to a wider community of like-minded individuals. The consumer mindset can also affect us in more subtle ways, infiltrating our worship practices, our self-confidence, our treatment of others.

So how do we begin to untangle the complex web of relationships between material things and identity? How does the nature and amount of stuff that we own affect our psychological and spiritual wellbeing? What is reasonable and what is excessive when we talk about consumption? And where, in all of this, is God?

Watch the live broadcast

You can watch the live discussion on the Redux website.

Ask a question

Want to ask a question of the panelists? Visit the Redux website to submit your question online. We use the questions from our audience to shape the flow of the discussion. You can submit your question at any time between now and the event. We will also take some live questions during the actual broadcast.

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