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Redux: Making Peace with Church. Join Us Feb 3 at 12 pm for Online Event.

January 14, 2015
No church is perfect. And sometimes this reality hits close to home.

Join us for the third installment of Regent Redux—a series of online panel discussions on issues that matter. On February 3, 2015 at 12 PST, panelists Scot McKnight, Erin Lane, Darrell Johnson, and Hans Boersma will discuss the theological meaning of the word "church" and what an authentic, Christ-centred church community could look like in our current cultural moment. You can watch the live discussion on the Redux website.

Why talk about church? Because no church is perfect. And sometimes this reality hits close to home. It might prompt you to dig your heels in and try to fix it. It might persuade you to stop going to church altogether. After all, there are so many competing and attractive ways to spend your Sunday mornings. But church is so much more than a place we “go to” or a project we “work on.”

How much of church is about my own spiritual needs? How much is about my relationship with God and neighbour? What is it about this historical moment that’s driving so many of us away from church? Finally, how can we allow grace to ground our relationships and create safe spaces?

Join us on February 3 for what promises to be a lively and provocative discussion.

Want to ask a question of the panelists? Visit the Redux website to submit your question online.

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