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Community Engagement Update

June 01, 2015

Regent is very blessed to have a worldwide family of alumni, donors, supporters, and prayer partners who care very deeply about our mission and ministry. During these turbulent times of transition, it is important to me to provide timely information to you about the changes we are undertaking and about our plans for the future.

Marketplace Engagement

Some in the Regent community have been understandably concerned that the elimination of Paul Williams's role from the full-time faculty, and of some of the staff from the Marketplace Institute, signals a diminished commitment to connecting Regent with the marketplace.

It is important to acknowledge that Paul's loss will be keenly felt, both at a faculty level, and from his leadership role in the Marketplace Institute. We nevertheless remain absolutely committed to our founding calling to equip the laity, and we're working hard to ensure our engagement with the marketplace remains meaningful and robust over the coming years.

The Marketplace Institute will continue as the primary vehicle through which we engage the marketplace, though its exact shape and form will adjust. Ceri Rees will continue to serve as Director of the Marketplace Institute, while also taking on leadership of the College's broader communications. This dual role, while challenging, also presents an exciting and very intentional opportunity to place marketplace engagement at the heart of all our communication. To that end, a key focus for the communications team over the next year will be the ongoing launch of ReFrame, a film-based resource designed to help people connect their faith with all of life (

The marketplace degree program will continue, with Paul Stevens supporting in the short term. In the longer term, the Board of Governors and I are discussing innovative ways of serving our students in this area. One option may be to adopt a more collaborative, team-based approach in order to ensure an ongoing blend of theory and praxis. We are also exploring partnerships with key players in marketplace theology as a way to strengthen our program and connect our students with a variety of models of integrating work and faith. I can't say for certain how it will transpire, but we are on that path of discovery and discernment.


One of the great joys of our work is the ongoing relationship we have with our alumni, and the stories we hear of their lives of faith post-Regent. As an alumnus myself, I always delight in connecting with you personally and sharing our common experiences.

Sharon Forsyth has been a vital part of our community for a long time, and has had particular responsibility for caring for our alumni for the past 19 years. Many of you will know that Sharon's role was eliminated as part of the restructuring process. We had hoped that Sharon would continue with us for a longer transition period, but due to a number of circumstances she has decided she would prefer to leave sooner. So May 31 was Sharon's last day in the office.

Sharon is greatly loved. She has blessed many generations of Regent students, donors, alumni, staff, and faculty with her service and friendship. Like many others in this very difficult season of farewells, she will be greatly missed. If you know Sharon and would like to leave a message of appreciation for her, please use the form at the bottom of the page.

So how will we engage with our alumni in the years to come? We certainly want to continue to hear your news, and keep you up to date on all that's happening at Regent.

But as with other areas of College life, we are also freshly exploring how we can serve, celebrate, and engage our alumni. Many graduates are eager for stronger connections with the College, as well as with others in the alumni network who might share their professional context and the challenges that arise in integrating their faith and work.

We are looking to provide better lifelong learning opportunities, as well as opportunities to be involved in Regent's ministry—as volunteers, advocates, mentors to current students, and so on. Over the coming months, we will be working hard to develop fruitful approaches to pursue these opportunities, and I look forward to sharing more detail with you in due course.

So you can see that there is much work underway, even while some details are still being worked out. Please know that in spite of our financial constraints, I and the Board remain as committed as ever to Regent's historic mission—to foster a deep, integrated Christian faith lived out in every sphere of life by the whole people of God. Your input and suggestions, as well as your prayers, are warmly welcomed.

With sincere appreciation for your care and participation in our community,

Jeff Greenman

Leave a Message For Sharon

Many people have come to know Sharon Forsyth over the many years she's been at Regent. We invite you to leave any message of love and encouragement you have for Sharon using the form below.

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