Summer Programs Videos

An introduction to a few of our 2014 summer courses by the professors themselves.

Rikk Watts will be teaching GOD'S FAITHFUL CHARACTER: THE KEY TO THE NEW TESTAMENT'S USE OF THE OLD May 12–23. Find out more.

Iain Provan will be teaching OLD TESTAMENT FOUNDATIONS May 12–23. Find out more.

J.I. Packer will be teaching THE ANGLICAN HERITAGE: HISTORY AND THEOLOGY May 12–23. Find out more.

Dennis Danielson will be teaching PARADISE LOST: THE POET, THE COSMOS, AND THE PROBLEM OF EVIL June 2–6. Find out more.

Bruce Hindmarsh will be teaching FIVE TRADITIONS & PRACTICES OF PRAYER July 7–13. Find out more.

Richard Mouw will be teaching THINKING THEOLOGICALLY ABOUT CULTURE July 14–25. Find out more.

Robert F. Cochran will be teaching THE PLACE OF LAW IN GOD'S WORLD July 28–August 1. Find out more.