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If you want to take a course at Regent for personal enrichment, you don’t need to apply to a program. You can simply register directly for your course.

You have two choices: you can audit a course or take it for academic credit. “Audit” means you don’t need to do any assignments, and you won’t receive a grade. You can simply enjoy the lectures and follow along with the readings, without the pressure of papers or grades. And you can take as many courses “for audit” as you would like.

If you plan to take courses for academic credit, you can take up to 12 credits total (maximum 6 per term) before needing to apply to a graduate program at Regent.

Who can take courses at Regent

Anyone with a bachelor's degree can take courses at Regent. If you don’t have a bachelor's degree and you want to take a course for audit, you need to be at least 23 years of age OR to have completed at least 50% of the credits required for a four-year bachelor’s degree.

If you decide to take courses for credit, and don’t have a bachelor’s degree, you must be at least 28 years of age.


Courses taken for audit are $308 per audit hour, effective Summer term 2014.

Most summer courses at Regent are 1 or 2 audit hours, with costs ranging from $308 to $616 per course.

In Fall and Winter terms, most daytime courses are 3 audit hours ($924 per course), while weekend and evening courses are either 2 or 3 audit hours ($616 to $924 per course).

The cost for credit courses is $451 per credit hour, effective Summer term 2014. The credit rate will be $460 per credit hour effective Fall 2014. 

Tuition benefits

Find out if you qualify for any tuition benefits here.

Choose your courses before you register

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Need help choosing your courses? Contact the Academic Advisor.

Register for a weekend, evening, or summer course

Course registration details will be available mid-August. Stay tuned!

Register for a Distance Education course

Because we're migrating our registration systems, registration for Distance Education courses is accepted by paper form only until mid-August. Download the Distance Education Registration Form .

Register for a conference

To register for a conference, visit our Conferences page.