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Bequests and Estate Gifts

Leaving a bequest to Regent is a great gift to future generations of students—perpetuating the College’s mission and establishing a legacy for your life. Patricia and Greg Thompson have done just that. Here is their story.

"In 2007, when we decided to include a revocable trust document in our estate plan, Regent College was at the top of our list of recipients. As a world-class learning environment that equips lay and vocational students, we were especially encouraged that Regent was founded “for the purpose of providing graduate level theological education to lay believers.” Regent’s policy to provide mature students (those who do not possess an undergraduate degree) with a graduate-level theological education has had a real-life positive impact in our own family.

After completing several Regent courses, I (Patricia) was encouraged by my husband Greg and family members to pursue a Master of Christian Studies program as a mature student. I did so over a period of many years, finally graduating with a DipCS last year—an achievement that has greatly bolstered my self-confidence and my God-confidence. God helped me through some rigorous coursework and I am still amazed at what I accomplished; Regent played a significant role in my endeavors.

I (Greg) was thrilled Patricia would be able to realize an important goal in her life of pursuing higher education because of what Regent offered. I saw her blossom in her understanding and love for God and his kingdom purposes. She was part of and a contributor to his story. The Regent community gave her larger and different perspectives than what she would have had received from our little church.

It is our great pleasure to be a part of perpetuating Regent’s impact on future generations. Regent’s vision, where even mature lay people can contribute to God’s purposes, is part of an exciting, holistic vision for the people of God. We are proud to be a part of this vision. Will you consider a legacy gift to Regent College to keep telling his story to future generations beyond your own earthly years?"

Greg and Patricia Thompson live in the small town of Exeter, California. Greg is a civil engineer and Patricia is a happy homemaker.

Download the Leaving a Legacy booklet and the instructions for Completing Bequest or Estate Gifts .