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RCSA Et Cetera Editor and Publisher

Student Employee (SE) Position
Opening date: Thursday, May 22, 2014
Closing date: Friday, July 25, 2014
The Editor is responsible for producing and cultivating the printed forum of the student body, the Et Cetera, which is published weekly by the Regent College Student Association (RCSA).


  • Familiar with desktop publishing in general and Adobe InDesign for PC or Mac
  • Skilled in journalism, writing, and editing
  • Organized and able to achieve strict deadlines
  • Exhibiting good judgment in editorial decisions
  • Able to solicit articles and seek out content
  • Personable, diplomatic, and significantly involved in Regent community
  • Possessing a high level of attention to detail


  • Responsible for producing Et Cetera, a weekly newsletter serving the Regent College community. (Et Cetera is published once a week when fall and winter classes are in session (typically 24 weeks a year).
  • Establish a vision for the year's Et Cetera, including themes, recurring columns, contributors, layout, and more.
  • Actively recruit submissions from a broad cross-section of Regent students, prioritizing published articles in keeping with the purposes of Et Cetera.
  • Approve and edit (for style and content) all submissions to Et Cetera.
  • Write editorials or other articles for Et Cetera.
  • Design the layout for each issue. RCSA will provide the use of Adobe InDesign (PC or Mac version) for this purpose.
  • Coordinate with the Et Cetera Copy Editor regarding each week's issue.
  • Complete each week’s issue in time for distribution immediately after Chapel (e.g. Tuesdays by 11:45 am). In general, this will mean delivering the final copy to the printers early Tuesday morning.
  • Maintain Et Cetera website and post Et Cetera online.
  • Liaise with the Accountant to ensure that printing invoices are correct and paid in a timely manner.
  • Prepare resources for his or her successor, including contact information for the printers and any helpful computer files.
  • At the end of the year, return all information and software provided by the RCSA or previous editors. Submit final report to the RCSA, along with any additional information requested by the RCSA or incoming editor.

Time Commitment:

Average 9-10 hours per week, mostly from Thursday evening through Tuesday morning. Initial design requires substantially more time during late summer and the first few weeks of the school year.


$3,000 per annum, on a bi-weekly or term basis (September-April).

Review Procedure:

As with all RCSA positions, there will be a review of workload and performance at the end of the fall term.

Application Process:

Application forms must be submitted to the RCSA office or emailed to If the office is closed, forms may be placed in the envelope by the door. Download the RCSA Job Application .

Description of Employer:

The RCSA is Regent College’s Student Association, of which every fee-paying student is a member. The RCSA is led by a council made up of elected student officials, voted in by other Regent students—we are students serving students. The Association’s involvement within the life of the College extends across all the spheres of Regent life—academics, community, and interaction with the wider UBC campus. Our goal is to help students fully embrace being a part of the College and to actively play a part in the wider mission of the College.