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RCSA Accountant

Student Employee (SE) Position
Opening date: Thursday, May 22, 2014
Closing date: Friday, July 25, 2014
This person manages all accounting and financial matters for the RCSA and therefore must be experienced in accountancy. Duties include making payments on behalf of the RCSA, ensuring that all cash and cheques received are secure and deposited to the bank in a timely manner, maintaining financial records, and assisting in preparing an annual budget. This person cannot be a member of Student Council.


  • Manage all accounting and financial matters (including the budget) for the Regent College Student Association (RCSA).
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date financial records for the RCSA.
  • Maintain working relationship with primary vendors (e.g. CopieSmart).
  • Liaise with Regent's Finance Department to ensure the Student Services fees and other inter-departmental transactions are paid to RCSA.
  • Manage the relationship with CIBC, including management of investments.
  • Ensure proper authorization procedures are maintained at all times.


  • Prepare a budget for the year in conjunction with the RCSA President prior to the fall term.
  • Make cheque payments and distribute to relevant parties.
  • Ensure all cash and cheques received are secure and deposited to the bank on a timely basis.
  • Record transactions and maintain RCSA ledger.
  • Oversee cash transactions, including collection and deposit of RCSA coinage income.
  • Prepare a brief financial summary at the end of the fall and winter terms.
  • When required, attend meetings to advise Student Council on financial matters.
  • Prepare a statement of receipts and payments for the year.
  • In conjunction with the outgoing President, prepare a draft budget for the following year.
  • Hand over all responsibilities to the incoming accountant.

Time Commitment:

After being hired, 8-12 hours to become familiar with the proposed budget, RCSA accounting methods, and budgets from previous years.

During Fall and Winter terms, approximately 1 hour per week for making payments, receipts, and recording transactions.

Also during Fall and Winter terms, approximately 4-6 hours total following locker and L'Chaim sales and for answering questions.

Around March-May, 8-12 hours to prepare a statement of receipt and payments for the year and to prepare a draft budget for the following year.


$1,000 per annum, on a bi-weekly or term basis (September-April).

Review Procedure:

As with all RCSA positions, there will be a review of workload and performance at the end of the fall term.

Application Process:

Application forms must be submitted to the RCSA office or emailed to If the office is closed, forms may be placed in the envelope by the door. Download the RCSA Job Application .

Description of Employer:

Regent College is an evangelical, international graduate school of Christian studies based in Vancouver, affiliated with the University of British Columbia. With a first-class faculty and alumni in over 80 countries, representative of more than 40 Christian denominations, Regent College has gained an international reputation for excellence in theological education.