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Visiting Scholar and In-Residence Program

Each year, we provide the opportunity for two to three visiting scholars to come to Regent College for a time of study and participation in the Regent community. These visiting scholars have included post-doctoral fellows, academic scholars-in-residence, pastors-in-residence, missionaries-in-residence, business-persons-in-residence, a chaplain-in-residence, as well as an artist- and writer-in-residence.

Each visiting scholar must have a faculty sponsor, who has the responsibility to ensure that the application is properly processed through the Dean’s office and the Academic Policy Committee. If the faculty/board accept the visiting scholar, the sponsoring faculty member will be responsible for hosting the visiting scholar during his/her time at Regent. 

For more information on the program, and to request an application form, contact the Dean's Office at


While previous theological education is not presupposed, the scholar is expected to be firmly committed to the Christian faith and is expected to be in agreement with the College’s theological statement, and to sign the theological statement and the sexual harassment policy. Applicants must also have a faculty sponsor from Regent College.

There are three categories to the program, based on the qualifications of each applicant:

  • Academic Scholar-in-Residence – is a position for scholars who are firmly established in their academic identity, who come to Regent to continue research within their own discipline, and who are able to contribute in interdisciplinary areas out of their experience. The successful candidate should: 1) have recognized teaching and/or writing-research experience in a scholarly field; 2) demonstrate a strong interest in integrating the Christian faith with his or her field of study.

  • Post-Doctoral Fellow – is a full-time study program for scholars who have recently graduated from a doctoral program, with or without teaching experience, and who come to the College to continue post-doctoral research in an integrative Christian environment. The successful candidate should demonstrate a strong interest in integrating the Christian faith with his or her field.

  • Professional-in-Residence – is a position for persons established in secular or church-related professions who come to the College to share with the students their experience in integrating the Christian faith and the marketplace. To date, this title has included Pastors-in-Residence, Missionaries-in-Residence, a Writer-in-Residence, Business-Persons-in-Residence, a Chaplain-in-Residence, and an Artist-in-Residence. Candidates should demonstrate a strong interest in integrating the Christian faith with their field.

Travel and housing costs

Regent College provides no housing or travel expenses for visiting scholars. Applicants must find their own accommodation and be able to cover all their expenses during their time at Regent.

Provisions and benefits

Accepted scholars usually stay for a term (Fall or Winter term) or a year (12 months) and sometimes for shorter visits. The Fall term commences in September and the Winter Term in January. Our Summer Programs encompass the months of May to August and include our Spring Session (May to June) and Summer Session (July to August).

Every year during the Spring Session, we host the Pastors’ conference. Our Summer Programs attract students from all over the world. Please check our website for details on upcoming conferences and for the Fall and Winter timetables.

Visiting scholars are allowed to audit most courses they wish to attend without needing to register (with the exception of limited enrollment courses). Administrative fees may apply. (Please inquire with Registration). If scholars come with a spouse, the spouse is allowed to audit one course per term (subject to the stated exception). Visiting Scholars and spouses are invited to the all-college September weekend retreat. An extra charge will apply to the spouse for overnight retreats.

Faculty sponsor

The sponsoring faculty member will host their sponsored scholars on an informal basis during their time at Regent College. Such hosting may include: meeting at the airport, an invitation home for a meal and fellowship, a tour of the College and availability to answer questions and give advice about Regent College and Vancouver in general.

Based on the individual situation, sponsoring faculty members may include more than what is noted in this information sheet. The visiting scholar should feel free to turn to his/her sponsoring faculty member if there are any questions, concerns or problems. If available, visiting scholars will be provided with shared office space at Regent for one or more days during the week. Visiting scholars will have Regent and UBC library privileges as well as the faculty rate for athletic facilities privileges at UBC.

Teaching or lecturing at Regent College

A visiting scholar may be invited to give a guest lecture or teach in an area of expertise. This, however, is at the discretion of the College and cannot be an assumption or expectation on the part of the visiting scholar.

Expectations of Visiting Scholars

When approved applicants are chosen as visiting scholars and come to Regent, it is the College’s desire that the scholars embrace as much of the Regent experience as they can during their visit. It is expected that the scholars will also share their knowledge and expertise with the Regent students, faculty, and community as a whole.

Examples of what some visitors have done during their time at Regent include: pastors-in-residence making themselves available to students for spiritual counsel; missionaries-in-residence sharing their experiences during chapel time or student forums and making themselves available to students interested in similar work; artists-in-residence providing a performance or an exhibition of artistic work and a presentation of a scholarly paper to the faculty. It is expected that research accomplished during the time spent at the College and destined for publication will include an acknowledgment of the contribution made to the research by the Visiting Scholar program and the facilities provided by the College.

Visitors are also requested to provide a brief written assessment of their time (one to two pages) at the College to the Academic Dean following their period of residence.

Visa and taxation requirements

To ensure adequate processing time, accepted applicants who live outside of Canada should contact the nearest Canadian embassy as soon as possible after their acceptance regarding visa requirements to enter Canada. If the visit is for less than six months, and the scholar will not be receiving any financial remuneration from Regent College, a visitor’s visa should suffice.

If the scholar is a professor at an educational institution, and may be receiving income from Regent College for teaching or guest lecturing, s/he should apply for an educational exemption (in member GATS or NAFTA countries) which allows a visiting scholar to research and teach at a Canadian educational institution for up to two years without having to obtain a work permit. If any financial remuneration will be received, Regent will apply to Revenue Canada for a tax waiver on behalf of the visiting scholar to waive the normal15% withholding tax. If the waiver is denied, 15% will be withheld from any payment made to the scholar for work completed at Regent.


Interested individuals should fill out an application for a position as visitor at least eighteen months in advance of their proposed visit. Other requirements are specified on the application form. To request an application form, contact the Dean's Office at

Applications for visitors-in-residence will be considered together as a group, about fourteen months in advance of the proposed starting date. At that time all of the applications will be reviewed and a decision made as to which visitors will be accepted. We endeavour to achieve a balance of different types of visitors in each academic year.

Please submit your application to:

Office of the Academic Dean
Visiting Scholar/In Residence Applications
Regent College
5800 University Blvd.,
Vancouver, BC
V6T 2E4

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